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After spending the day in New York City, I headed back to JFK airport before my flight to Manchester. Since I had flown in first class on the first part of my American award ticket overnight, I had access to the Flagship Lounge.

american flagship lounge jfk 700x525

My first task at the Flagship Lounge was to take a shower. Since I’d flown on a red eye the previous night, then walked around hot Brooklyn for a few hours, the shower was necessary. I had no problems getting a shower room, as they didn’t appear to be in high demand.

american flagship lounge jfk shower 700x933

flagship lounge jfk shower 700x933

After my shower, I had some light snacks. There were small sandwiches & pastries.

american flagship lounge jfk snacks 700x525

flagship lounge jfk snacks 700x525

The bar was self-serve and had a decent selection of drinks. There was also a range of beers, including a couple of local options.

american flagship lounge jfk bar 700x525

The dessert section was strong, featuring petit fours, cookies, and other baked items.

american flagship lounge jfk dessert 700x525

flagship lounge jfk dessert 700x525

At 4pm, hot dinner, salads, and cheese were brought out.

american flagship lounge jfk dinner 700x933

flagship lounge jfk dinner 700x933

One nice thing about the American Flagship Lounge at JFK is that there is a long wall of windows on one side of the lounge, allowing lots of sunlight to enter.

american flagship lounge jfk view 700x525

The business center in the Flagship Lounge is called the cyber cafe because apparently it’s still 1999 to American Airlines. There were a couple of areas devoted to computers. Not once did I see anyone using them. I’m not sure why some lounges have not been updated to free up this space, as most everyone who needs to use a computer while traveling these days is going to have their own laptop with them.

american flagship lounge jfk business center 700x525

American’s Flagship Lounge at JFK isn’t a huge space. At times it seemed to be barely sufficient for the number of people in it, though there were always at least a few open seats. When I first arrived, it was relatively quiet.

aa flagship lounge jfk 700x525

That said, the crowdedness was not helped by the couple who spread all of their things out over four chairs, disappeared for nearly an hour, sat down for 5 minutes, and then left for their flight. Around 6pm, the lounge finally started to empty out, as the European flights had started to depart. It was soon time for me to head to my flight to Manchester.

Overall, the JFK Flagship Lounge was fine, though it wasn’t as good as the Amex Centurion Lounge I had visited at SFO the previous evening. It’s a step up from a regular Admirals Club thanks to the hot food, but the lounge is still dated, and not quite up to the level of some international lounges.

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