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Zurich is one of my favorite cocktail cities. Yes, the drinks are expensive, but what isn’t in Switzerland? The cocktails tend to be very well made, and the variety of great cocktail bars in Zurich means there’s something for everyone, whatever their vibe & interests.

Here are my favorite Zurich cocktail bars, including everything from historic bars with classic cocktails to modern bars that serve the latest mixology concoctions.

The Best Cocktail Bars in Zurich


Kronenhalle is an excellent introduction to Zurich cocktail bar culture. The building it’s located in is huge, but I nearly walked past the door, which somehow is both understated and draws you in at the same time.

The decor is luxurious, with intimate seating spots including leather chairs, red marble tables, and rich, dark mahogany wood everywhere, including the walls and ceiling. The worn green Moroccan leather has clearly seen decades of conversation.

kronenhalle zurich cocktail bar 700x525

The bar has been in operation since 1965. Former bar manager Peter Roth is an award-winning bartender who has been plying his trade for over 35 years. His creation called the Ladykiller won the world championship. Current bar manager Christian Heiss is also an award-winning bartender who is known to keep track of the preferences of regular customers.

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I ordered the delicious Royal Bengal Tiger from the ever-changing bar menu, made from whisky, elderberry, cinnamon, and verjus. It came with BBQ potato chips and nuts as snacks.

kronenhalle cocktails zurich 700x525

The bar & restaurant (which is in a separate part of the building) are dotted with fine art, including pieces by Pablo Picasso, Marc Chagall, Georges Braque, Joan Miró, and more. There is no music or entertainment to let the drinks & environment shine, along with conversation.

Kronenhalle is a time machine that had me wondering what year it was. But while it’s clearly a throwback to a bygone era of Switzerland, the cocktail menu has kept up with the times.

Address: Rämistrasse 4, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland (map)

Widder Bar

Widder Bar is located in the Widder Hotel, along with the 2 Michelin-starred Widder Restaurant. The bar’s quality is on par with that of the restaurant and hotel.

Widder Bar is home to a massive spirits library with over 1,000 bottles, including 250+ whiskies from around the world. I enjoyed pouring through the list to spot rare bottles, including some from distilleries I have visited, such as Yamazaki & Nikka.

widder bar zurich 700x525

The bottles are displayed gorgeously, all on display with lights behind them, along with mirrors and metal, giving the space an Art Deco feel. A ladder helps the skilled bartenders reach the highest shelves.

The rest of the decor is richly done, with red leather seating, wood floors, and a pretty wood ceiling with exposed beams. There’s also jazz music.

widder bar zurich cocktails 700x525

I opted for the Fruits N Roots, which was made from Glenfiddich 12, Caol Ila 12, plum, ginger, apple, and bitters. The smoky & fruity drink was served with some snacks.

Address: Widdergasse 6, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland (map)

Raygrodski Bar

Raygrodski Bar is named for the doctor & sex educator Paulette Brupbacher-Raygrodski. Her profile serves as the bar’s logo.

I was given a glass of water and a small snack mix bowl as soon as I sat down. I like the way the bottles hang from the ceiling.

raygrodski bar zurich 700x525

The drinks are refreshing, with vodka and gin making up a large part of the seasonally updated menu. Raygrodski Bar is an especially lovely summer spot that gets crowded on weekends. I arrived early, so the bar was pretty quiet, with just a bit of mellow R&B, soul, and jazz playing.

The bar seems like it would typically be dark, but during the pre-sunset hours, there are large windows with plenty of seating and a patio out front, so it’s actually quite bright.

raygrodski bar zurich cocktails 700x525

I enjoyed the Paulo & Pueblo, a cocktail made with mezcal, bitters, vermouth, and mango.

Address: Sihlfeldstrasse 49, 8003 Zürich, Switzerland (map)

Cafe Bar ODEON

Cafe Bar ODEON is a rich part of Zurich’s history. The Art Nouveau bar opened in 1911 and has been popular with intellectuals such as Einstein & Lenin. It was also the home of Dadaism.

cafe bar odeon zurich 700x525

The bar was the first place in the world to serve champagne by the glass.

Address: Limmatquai 2, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland (map)


Elisaburg is a quirky, bohemian place with red and purple lights, disco balls, and a TV in the corner playing Mr. Bean while dance remixes and pop song mashups play on the stereo.

elisaburg cocktail bar zurich 700x525

Between the cool atmosphere & the great cocktails, it gets busy. When I visited, I had a cocktail (Elisa’s Red Moon) from a special menu of 4 drinks. Other cocktails are also available by request.

elisaburg cocktails zurich 700x525

The drink was served in a custom-made ceramic glass made by a female artist. The bar intentionally sought her out for the design.

The bar’s name dates back to 1948, when it was originally a restaurant, while the building was constructed in 1903.

Address: Elisabethenstrasse 3, 8004 Zürich, Switzerland (map)

Old Crow

Old Crow is located along the winding, narrow streets of Zurich’s Lindenhof.

The bar boasts some 1,700 spirits. Such an extensive collection, of course, means they have rare offerings you won’t find elsewhere.

old crow zurich cocktail bar 700x525

In addition to classic cocktails, Old Crow also serves rare cocktails you won’t find elsewhere.

Address: Schwanengasse 4, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland (map)

Brick Cocktailbar

Some Zurich cocktail bars are old-school, while others offer more inventive creations. I love Brick Cocktailbar because it’s the latter.

This is perhaps the most modern of all the bars on my list. Its constantly changing menu features some of the most inventive cocktails in Zurich. Despite this, its drinks are actually slightly cheaper than those in other Zurich bars.

The brick-walled (obviously) bar was bustling on a Friday night, but I managed to snag a solo seat.

My first drink was called the Black Hand. At first, I thought I had just been served an ice cube. When I figured out that the cocktail itself had actually been served inside a flask hidden in a book, the bartender said it was “like an escape room.” Clever & fun.

brick cocktailbar zurich 700x933

Next, I had the South Manhattan. I was going to get The Thespian, but the bartender recommended the other drink since it was a bit different from my first drink. Little did he know, but I love Manhattans and pineapple, so I had also considered it. I love getting a recommendation like that when a bartender senses your taste & goes above & beyond.

Address: Langstrasse 21, 8004 Zürich, Switzerland (map)

Bar am Wasser

Bar Am Wasser looks both modern & Art Deco, with requisite lines, marble, and metal. The bar is named for its bright waterside views.

It’s a lovely place for day drinking, as it’s open all day. The bar offers cocktail-tasting menus that include 3 to 5 drink courses. The menus also offer both high-volume and no-volume/low-volume options, which is cool. Since I was in the day drinking category, I opted not to do a cocktail tasting, but it does sound fun.

bar am wasser cocktails zurich 700x525

You can, of course, also do a la carte drinks. The menu is divided into aperitif, intermediate, main, and dessert sections. There is also a full menu of other spirits and wine.

I had the Scotland Yard Boulevardier along with a cheese platter. Both were lovely. The cheese was served with bread and a nice honey with mustard in it.

bar am wasser zurich cocktail bar 700x525

Between the drinks & the delightful mood (set by the light jazz & lounge singer soundtrack), Bar Am Wasser is an excellent place to pass the time.

Address: Stadthausquai 1, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland (map)

Tales Bar

In a crowded competition, Tales Bar just might be my favorite bar in Zurich. While all the other bars on my list have specific things they excel at, Tales Bar offers everything I look for in a cocktail experience.

The candlelit late-night bar is bustling, cozy, and friendly. Even on weekday nights, it gets busy with patrons engrossed in lively conversation backdropped by a fun playlist of soul, funk, and R&B. It always feels like everyone is having a great time.

While there are plenty of other small tables for seating, I especially like sitting at the bar, with its views of an ample bottle selection. It’s a low bar with bartenders standing right at your eye level as you sit. The lovely wooden bar stools are more like chairs, rotating as they ensconce you.

The massive leather-bound menu contains a full range of drinks, covering the early age of mixed drinks, classics dressed up, tiki drinks, their own classics, plus low and no-ABV cocktails, so nobody is left out.

tales bar zurich cocktails 700x525

My first drink was the Bob Ford from their Tales Classics menu. It was a stunning drink, both smoky and just a bit sweet.

Then, after chatting with the bartender, I had a menu that was not on the menu called the “Mother-In-Law.” The amazing cocktail was an old fashioned, but with the sugar replaced by maraschino liqueur. It even came with a sidecar. Bonus booze!

Tales Bar feels like it’s run by friends. It’s not stuck to any one era; it’s just an awesome spot that makes excellent drinks. I’d be happy to be a regular there.

Address: Selnaustrasse 29, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland (map)

Onyx Bar

Onyx Bar is located inside the Park Hyatt Zurich. As you might imagine from its location, it’s a fancy bar with towering ceilings, wood floors, large windows, a white marble-lit bar top, and a bottle backdrop also lit in white. Mellow electronic dance music fills the air.

onyx bar zurich 700x525

The bar specializes in barrel-aged cocktails (I opted for the Perfect Manhattan) and classic cocktails. They also have signature drinks, such as their “caipi-jitos” – where Brazil meets Cuba.

Although the drinks come with bar snacks, an upscale food menu also features caviar, Wagyu beef, and more. Onyx Bar holds classes and events not just for hotel guests but also for visitors.

Address: Beethovenstrasse 21, 8002 Zürich, Switzerland (map)

Hotel Rivington & Sons

Hotel Rivington & Sons isn’t a hotel, but rather, it’s an American speakeasy-style bar. If speakeasies had large glass windows. The bar includes Art Deco flourishes, an 80-year-old wooden bar, and high ceilings with draped curtains to make it feel more intimate.

hotel rivington and sons zurich cocktail bar 700x525

I enjoyed the New Amsterdam, a cocktail made from rye whiskey, Taylor’s 10-year-old port, Heering cherry liqueur, and Angostura bitters.

Address: Prime Tower, Hardstrasse 201, 8005 Zürich, Switzerland (map)

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