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Georgia is famous for its wine; however, there are plenty more things to drink. The national spirit known as chacha is everywhere, from homemade rocket fuel served out of unmarked bottles to high-quality spirits produced by wineries and distilleries. Here are my favorite cocktail bars in Tbilisi that serve not just chacha but other spirits & cocktails, with many incorporating Georgia’s other unique flavors into their drinks.

The Best Cocktail Bars in Tbilisi, Georgia

Chacha Time

Chacha Time is the best bar in Tbilisi for getting introduced to the ubiquitous Georgian spirit.

We visited early on a weekday evening, so we were the only people in the bar, which is centrally located in an area with many bars in Old Tbilisi. This meant that the bartenders had plenty of time to tell us about chacha and all of the interesting cocktails they use it in. The bar also has a diverse food menu including Georgian dishes.

Chacha is a grape pomace brandy similar to raki or grappa. It’s strong (anywhere between 50-85% alcohol), so while it’s often consumed straight, many bars also use it in a variety of cocktails because it’s so versatile.

We decided to do both. First, we each did a shot of chacha, served along with cucumber.

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chacha time tbilisi chacha shots 700x525

If you’re interested in getting to know chacha, Chacha Time offers a wide variety of bottles (40+) from all over the country, including barrel-aged chacha and some made from single grape varieties. They even have tasting flights.

I opted for a unique chacha from Armazi Distillery made in qvevri, Georgia’s traditional winemaking vessels. Despite its strength, it was smooth.

Next, it was time for cocktails. I had the Old Georgia, a twist on an Old Fashioned that used chacha aged in smoked oak barrels instead of whiskey. My friend got an off-menu Manhattan that had a similar substitution.

chacha time tbilisi cocktails 700x933

We not only enjoyed all of our drinks but also the service. Thanks to the bartenders, we had a nice first chacha experience (of many, of course), another example of excellent Georgian hospitality.

Address: 5 Geronti Kikodze St, Tbilisi 0105, Georgia (map)

41° Art of Drinks

In my opinion, 41° Art of Drinks offers the best cocktails in Tbilisi, many of which include Georgian flavors. While they make classic cocktails, they also have a seasonally changing menu of house cocktails that is not to be missed.

Slide open the metal door and head down into the dark underground brick-walled cocktail bar with tables & light fixtures made of wood and metal.

41 degrees art of drinks tbilisi cocktail bar 700x525

As soon as we arrived, bartender Ilya warmly welcomed us to the bar and explained what it was all about.

The bar’s name comes from a combination of inspirations. First, it honors a group of people who opened a school in the style of Futurism. It also includes the latitude (41°) that ties together the notable cities of Barcelona, New York City, Naples, and Tbilisi.

The menu is hand-written inside a diary. It changes every month or so. However, past favorites are still available, and you can also tell the bartenders your preferences, and they’ll make something great. There are also several cocktails made with chacha.

I started with the Back to Black, a lovely cocktail with just a bit of sweetness to balance out the whiskies. It included Monkey Shoulder and Nikka From The Barrel. Ilya gave us some delicious black walnuts to try while we sipped our drinks.

41 degrees art of drinks cocktails tbilisi 700x933

Later, I had a Peruvian Flip, which reminded me of the variation of a Porto Flip that I had in Cuenca, Spain.

If you’re interested in wine, Vino Underground, one of the best wine bars in Tbilisi, is located just a few doors away on the same street.

Address: 19 Galaktion Tabidze St, Tbilisi, Georgia (map)

Kikodze Bar

Wine Factory N1 is a large entertainment complex located northwest of the Tbilisi city center. Inside, there are several bars & restaurants.

During the daytime, Kikodze Bar serves coffee, plus breakfast & brunch, before switching to cocktails at night.

There’s a patio out front on the factory square, but inside, it’s a small spot with brick walls, a wood bar, and teal velvet chairs that cozily wrap around you. A few mirrors make the place feel a bit bigger.

kikodze bar tbilisi 700x525

Despite it being a Saturday night, we were one of just a few small groups at the bar. It seems that most people gravitate toward the other larger bars at Wine Factory.

Kikodze Bar combines excellent cocktails with a fun atmosphere. They specialize in infused liquors, with rows of bottles lining the bar.

First, I had the White Leather. The drink included peanut oil fatwashed bourbon, agave, ginger, lemon, & Laphroaig. The flavor combination was like smoked peanuts. Truly a delicious drink! I followed this with the Highway Star.

kikodze bar tbilisi cocktails 700x525

In addition to the excellent cocktails, the playlist also made for a fun time. The bar played sing-along songs like “Sweet Caroline,” “Rocket Man,” “Kung Fu Fighting,” & “American Pie,” just to name a few.

Address: 1 Vasil Petriashvili Street, Tbilisi 0179, Georgia (map)

Barbar’a Bar

Barbar’a Bar is one of the nicer Tbilisi cocktail bars. Its main space is white with floral & Art Deco touches and modern accents like neon and disco balls.

barbara bar tbilisi 700x525

They offer a huge list of signature cocktails & spritzes, as well as classic cocktails. There is also a food menu.

barbara bar tbilisi cocktails 700x933

Wanting to be healthy, I had the Carrot Spices, made from bourbon, fresh carrot juice, spiced syrup, lemon, and egg white. It tasted like a coffee cake with a bourbon sauce. Good stuff.

Address: 33 Kote Afkhazi St, Tbilisi 0105, Georgia (map)

Cafe Stamba

Cafe Stamba is located inside the swanky Stamba Hotel, one of the best hotels in Tbilisi. The cafe has a full menu of Georgian & international dishes made from fresh seasonal ingredients.

There’s a large restaurant area, but if you’re primarily there for the drinks, head to the bar area that also includes an outside garden (doubling as a smoking area in case you expect fresh air).

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The decor is best described as rustic chic, with pink walls & tile floors that amplify how bright and spacious the cafe is.

The bar is a full oval that dominates the room. Many of the cocktails match the decor. Cafe Stamba isn’t the place to go for a booze-forward whiskey drink. Lighter & fruitier cocktails dominate their menu, some of which utilize homemade ingredients.

cocktail cafe stamba tbilisi 700x525

I enjoyed the Genese, the only original whiskey cocktail on the menu. I don’t normally go for fruity cocktails that aren’t tiki drinks, but it was quite nice.

Address: 14 Merab Kostava St, Tbilisi 0108, Georgia (map)


Ambavi is a cool, red-lit, speakeasy-style spot located in what initially seems like a residential building in Tbilisi. Head upstairs and knock on the door. If there’s room, the doorman will let you inside.

In the corner, a DJ plays a mix of music, including everything from British rock (Pulp!) to some R&B, dance, and indie. They also host other events. There’s also a smoking room for those so inclined. The decor hangs from the ceilings, and words and phrases are written on the walls.

ambavi tblisi bar 700x525

While Ambavi doesn’t have a massive cocktail list, the ones they have are well-made classics, like the Negroni I opted for. It’s a fun place to check out whether you’re into cocktails or just want a beer with friends while listening to some good music.

Address: 12 Galaktion Tabidze St, Tbilisi 0105, Georgia (map)

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