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Do you know where your plane’s maintenance is being done?

Most people probably don’t think much about the maintenance of airplanes, but it’s a critical part of getting passengers safely from point A to point B. An article in this month’s Vanity Fair called “The Disturbing Truth About How Airplanes Are Maintained Today” is eye opening. Airlines are increasingly taking planes to maintenance facilities outside […]

SNL airs Delta Airlines sketch: Video

Last night, Amy Schumer hosted Saturday Night Live. Early in the show, she starred in a sketch with Vanessa Bayer & Taran Killam where all 3 played Delta flight attendants along with passenger Kenan Thompson. Overall, it was a pretty weak SNL episode, with this Delta sketch being right in the middle of the pack […]

Another new inflight safety video from Delta

A few months ago, Delta Airlines introduced a new inflight safety video featuring internet celebrities. They’re back at it, releasing another new video today. This one has a few pop culture references, but for the most part it’s just weird, with a lot of lame dad jokes & caricature passengers we’re presumably supposed to laugh […]