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Comedian Michael Ian Black has nearly 2 million followers, and he’s never been one to shy away from engaging with them. Or in this case, Delta Airlines.

Black is scheduled to be appearing at Helium Comedy Club in Buffalo, New York this weekend, but he’s had some difficulty getting there. His flight on Delta Airlines was delayed for over 8 hours at JFK airport due to alleged mechanical problems, with the airline giving little information or help to the customers aside from a yogurt parfait.

With plenty of time on his hands, Michael Ian Black started to message Delta’s Twitter account, @DeltaAssist. What started with just a few messages back and forth quickly escalated, as canned responses didn’t do much to help the star of “The State” & “Wet Hot American Summer”. At one point he booked a ticket on another Delta flight, only to find out it was going to be scheduled on the same delayed plane. Black eventually had to book a ticket to Buffalo on JetBlue, so as not to let down his fans who were expecting him at the show. Delta did finally give him compensation, but he rightfully stood up for his fellow travelers, who might not have 2 million Twitter followers to vent to. He has continued to persist in asking Delta to compensate everyone else as well through the day.

Here’s a selection of Michael Ian Black’s Twitter war with Delta Airlines:

As of Thursday evening, Delta has gone quiet, while Michael Ian Black has not. If he succeeds in getting everyone on his flight fully compensated, that’s going to be one hell of a pudding party.

$240 Worth of Pudding by lucaslucas1234

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