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Located in Northern Utah, Logan is a destination for all your senses. With great sights & adventures, plus a great culinary scene, there’s plenty to see and do in Logan any time of year.

See, touch, and hear nature in Logan Canyon

The natural highlight of the Logan, Utah area is the gorgeous Logan Canyon. The Logan Canyon Scenic National Byway is a 43 mile drive through Logan Canyon. You can make the drive in an hour, but to truly enjoy the area, make a full day of it.

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The drive along US-89 between Logan & Garden City follows the course of the Logan River through Logan Canyon. Towering limestone cliffs line the journey, and while the landscape changes by season, it is always beautiful. In the spring, fields of wildflowers line the canyon. In the fall, watch the rainbow of colors from the changing leaves.

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During the summer, you can go horseback riding at Beaver Creek Lodge, rent an off-road vehicle to get into the back country, or take a guided tour.

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Winter snows lead to an array of outdoor activities including snowmobiling, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, and ice fishing. Skiing at Beaver Mountain Ski Resort, the longest running family-owned ski resort in the United States, is a must-do in the winter months.

Looking for something more relaxing? Logan is heaven for birdwatchers & other nature enthusiasts. Get away from it all and listen to the the peaceful setting, punctuated with the lovely sounds of nature.

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The Logan Canyon Scenic National Byway ends at Bear Lake, which straddles the Utah-Idaho border and features an array of outdoor activities including hiking, boating, fishing, swimming, kayaking, camping, and more.

Taste & smell the great foods of Logan, Utah

After you’ve explored the great scenery of the Logan area, enjoy the area’s culinary scene. Cache Valley (home of Logan, Utah) features food & drink products that have gained international acclaim. Cache Valley was named as such because 1820s beaver trappers hid their furs in hidden caches until they could be traded. There are many locally-owned restaurants to visit, while other products are available as well. Also, you can take a self-guided Cache Valley Signature Products Tour, which shows you the array of items available in Logan. And yes, delicious samples are available everywhere!

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The area is well-known for its dairy products. Gossner Cheese is the largest Swiss cheese producer in the United States. Visit their factory store for delicious local cheese, including their specialty cheese curds, as well as ice cream.

Speaking of ice cream, Logan has several other places to cool off on a warm day. Utah State University has sold ice cream since the 1920s, while Casper’s Fat Boy & Premium Creamies sell great ice cream as well.

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If you’re after something to warm you up, Caffe Ibis has internationally-renowned coffee that is grown & processed with utmost concern for the environment. They offer coffees that are USDA organic, fair trade certified, and bird friendly.

Additionally, you can visit Cox Honey for their fresh local honey (there’s a reason why Utah is named the Beehive State!), or go fresh fruit picking at Mt. Naomi Farms.

Whatever you’re looking for, whether it’s the beautiful sights and sounds of nature, or delicious local treats, Logan, Utah is a great destination to satisfy all of your senses.

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