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Let’s face it, if you’ve gone to Porto to drink, you’ve gone there for one thing only: port. But if you’re tired of port tasting in Porto, the city also has a few great places for craft beer. Here is where to find the best craft beer in Porto, including beer bars, breweries, taprooms, and bottle shops.

The Best Craft Beer Bars in Porto, Portugal

Catraio Craft Beer Shop & Bar

Catraio Craft Beer Shop & Bar (website) is one of my favorite craft beer bars in Porto. The bar has 12 taps of beer, all but 3 having Portuguese micros.

catraio craft beer shop porto 700x525

There are also hundreds of bottles available both to drink there as well as to take home, including a massive list from all over Portugal. If you’re looking to drink local, Catraio is the place to go. If you’re looking for something else, there is still also a solid selection from the U.K., U.S., and the rest of Europe. The music was mostly British, and right in line with my taste – think Pulp, Joy Division, The Stone Roses, The Smiths, The Pixies, etc. There’s a front outside patio, but also a ton of space inside.

catraio porto 700x525

I love places like this that are truly dedicated to sharing the best local beer. They don’t just have a couple of breweries to say they are local – they truly live it. The bar is run by beer nerds, and they’re proud of it. One of the bartenders even had a hop tattoo. I met the owners as well as some of the other staff, and they all helped me make a selection of Portuguese bottles to take with me.

Address: R. de Cedofeita 256, 4050-174 Porto, Portugal (map)

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HopTrip Craft Beer Shop

It takes a bit of a journey to get to HopTrip Craft Beer Shop (website) from central Porto, but it’s worth it. The craft beer bar & bottle shop is located in Porto’s beach neighborhood called Matosinhos. It’s a nice neighborhood with bars, restaurants, & beaches, so it’s a cool day trip idea if you’re looking for something different to do.

hoptrip craft beer shop porto 700x525

HopTrip Craft Beer Shop has 15 taps, plus fridges with dozens of bottles & cans of beer. There are lots of great bar snacks, including Brazilian cheese bread, a nod to the owners, who are originally from Brazil.

The dog-friendly bar has great rock music & a fun atmosphere, making it one of the best places for craft beer in Porto.

Address: R. Heróis de França 617, 4450-159 Matosinhos, Portugal (map)

Armazém da Cerveja (Beer Warehouse)

When I first visited Porto in Spring 2017, Armazém da Cerveja (website) had just recently opened. It’s on the same block as Letraria. The bar has 12 taps, 4 of which were Portuguese beers when I was there.

armazem da cerveja porto 700x525
armazem da cerveja 700x525

There is also a bottle selection of around 100 beers, including a mix from Portugal, the rest of Europe, and the United States. Bottles & cans are available to take home as well as drink in the bar, plus you can even order beer online. The bar also has a back patio, which I didn’t visit since it was a rainy night.

Address: R. Formosa 130, 4000-254 Porto, Portugal (map)

Cervejaria do Carmo

Cervejaria do Carmo is located in one of the livelier areas of central Porto. The bar has 15 taps plus bottles, including local small breweries such as Post Scriptum, Opo74, and Beata. About half of the selection is local, while the rest are German & Belgian. The food menu consists of meat & cheese as well as sandwiches, or you can snack on the small thing of peanuts that comes with your beer.

cervejaria do carmo 700x525
cervejaria do carmo porto portugal 700x525

The street has a row of patio bars, so you can sit outside and enjoy the fresh air (when the smokers aren’t around), along with a view of the beautiful blue & white wall of the Igreja do Carmo.

carmo craft beer porto 700x933

Address: Praça de Carlos Alberto 124, 4050-159 Porto, Portugal (map)

Cask Beer

Cask Beer (website) opened in 2022, down the river a bit from the tourist areas of the Porto city center, near the start of the electric, and on the way to the Tram Museum.

The beer bar, which is affiliated with Tough Love, a brewery based in Aveiro, has a nice little outside patio along with a multilevel inside space.

cask beer porto 700x525

Inside, you’ll find a great selection of 13 beer taps, plus several fridges with bottles and cans of beers from top breweries from across Europe and the United States. They also serve tapas.

Address: R. da Arménia 54, 4050-066 Porto, Portugal (map)

Baobab Craft Beer Bar

Baobab Craft Beer Bar is a chill spot with a nice local beer selection. It’s located right next to Alvares Brewery.

baobab craft beer bar porto 700x525

In addition to 6 taps of mostly Portuguese beer, including selections from breweries such as Burguesa which don’t yet have their own taprooms, Baobab also has a fridge with a small, but nice selection of cans and bottles.

Run by a friendly Slovakian guy whom I enjoyed talking with, the bar is a fun place for conversation or reading & relaxing on quieter nights. There are also snacks such as marinated cheese, meat plates, and canned sardines.

Address: Rua do Almada 377, 4000-303 Porto, Portugal (map)

Gulden Draak Bierhuis Porto

Gulden Draak Bierhuis Porto (website) is the best place for Belgian beer in Porto. The beer bar has 12 taps of mostly Belgian & Dutch beers, including a wide selection of Gulden Draak taps. There are also some other bottles.

gulden draak bierhuis porto 700x525

Untappd ratings are helpfully right on the menu if that sort of thing is important to you. The menu also has bar snacks such as Belgian cheese. Gulden Draak’s music playlist is best described as international rock, featuring global favorites such as U2, AC/DC, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam, and Queen.

Address: R. de José Falcão N. 82, 4050-315 Porto, Portugal (map)

Cervejaria Gazela Cachorrinhos da Batalha

Cervejaria Gazela (website) is not a craft beer bar, but it merits a mention anyway since it is still a beer bar, with a particular specialty. Gazela is famous for its cachorrinhos, which are hot dogs with cheese & a spicy sauce. They’re an absolute must in Porto, paired with a cold Super Bock. There’s a time and a place to drink a macro beer, and this is it.

cervejaria gazela cachorrinhos da batalha 700x933
cachorrinhos beer porto 700x933

If Anthony Bourdain, Rick Steves, & I (yeah, yeah, I know) have visited a place & recommend it, it must be good. For the record, Bourdain visited before I did, but the episode didn’t air until I came back. I actually found out about it on my own & not through either of them.

Address: Tv. Cimo de Vila 4, 4000-434 Porto, Portugal (map)

The Best Breweries in Porto, Portugal

Letraria Craft Beer Garden (Cerveja Letra)

Letraria Craft Beer Garden (website) is run by Cerveja Letra, the largest craft brewery near Porto. The brewery is located about an hour north of the city. The beer garden has a huge selection of beer, both their own as well as guest taps. There was space for 24 taps on the board, but 20 were on when I was there.

letraria craft beer garden porto 700x525

There are a lot of places around the world that call themselves a “beer garden”, but the actual garden part is lacking. That is not the case at Letraria. It’s the most beautiful beer garden I’ve ever seen. It’s like drinking in a park.

letraria craft beer garden 700x525

If you want to day drink in nice weather in Porto, Letraria Craft Beer Garden is the place to be.

letra craft beer porto 700x933

Address: Rua da Alegria 101, 4000-042 Porto, Portugal (map)

Colossus Craft Brewery Taproom Porto

One indisputable beer bar fact is that you know you’re in a good place when the bartender (Thomas, in this case) is wearing a Motörhead shirt.

The brewery is a bit out of the central parts of Porto and uphill, but it’s worth the trip. The fun at Colossus Craft Brewery Taproom Porto (website) starts with the music, which can be a mix of metal, punk, rock, and hip-hop.

Despite being in a regular building, the brewery feels very much like a small warehouse brewing operation, as you can see the brewing equipment in the back with empty kegs filling the area near the bar.

colossus craft brewery taproom porto 700x525

There is a selection of 8 beer taps, about half of which are from Colossus, and the other half are from Dos Diabos, which they also brew. The brewery also serves snacks & toasted sandwiches.

All of the staff were friendly, from the bartender to the brewers, one of whom also stopped and chatted for a bit before going back to work putting labels on bottles for a batch of Wonderlust, the travel-appropriate IPA that had just finished the day before. 

There isn’t a ton of seating inside, with 4 tables, a couple of bar seats, and a small outside patio, but everyone makes it work when the place gets busy.

The brewery had recently brewed an amazing double black IPA called Ataegina for their anniversary, which I enjoyed multiple pints of. It’s really a great place run by people who are passionate about beer.

Address: R. de Dom João IV 679, 4000-303 Porto, Portugal (map)

Musa das Virtudes

Musa das Virtudes (website) is the Porto taproom of Cerveja Musa from Lisbon. High up in the hills, near a tree-lined overlook on Parque das Virtudes, you’ll find a beer bar with a massive patio, including views far across the Douro.

musa taproom porto 700x525

The taproom has 15 taps of Musa beer, along with food. The bar plays great music, with selections from bands such as The Strokes, Phoenix, Echo & the Bunnymen, Arcade Fire, Joy Division, The War On Drugs, and more.

Address: Passeio das Virtudes 28, 4050-629 Porto, Portugal (map)

Fábrica Nortada

Opened in 2017, Fábrica Nortada (website) is located in a beautiful space in the center of Porto. The brewery is also known as Fabrica De Cervejas Portuense, with that name being listed on the tanks. Despite being a food-focused brewpub, the tanks & the rest of their brewing equipment occupy a prominent space inside the bar.

fabrica nortada porto 700x525

The Porto brewery has 10-12 taps of beer, plus a food menu that includes classic Portuguese drinking dishes such as francesinhas and ovos rotos.

Address: R. de Sá da Bandeira 210, 4000-427 Porto, Portugal (map)

Alvares Brewery Co. Taproom Porto

Alvares Brewery Co is the newest craft brewery in Porto. The taproom has 10 taps, plus food.

However, on my first visit, their selection was a bit limited since the brewery was just starting out.

Address: Rua do Almada 383, 4000-303 Porto, Portugal (map)

A Fábrica da Picaria – Cervejaria Artesanal

This brings me to my final entry on my list of places for craft beer in Porto, A Fabrica da Picaria (website). It’s located in the northern part of central Porto, so it’s a bit uphill. But everything in Porto is uphill.

The bar has 5 taps of a basic range of beer, in a modern, clean setting. There’s a small back patio, which was nice, even if it was in the shade.

a fabrica da picaria 700x933

On my first visit, there were just a couple of taps of their own beer on-site, the rest of the taps were “craft” beer from Super Bock, which I mentioned above. However, now that the brewery has been open longer, more of the beers seem to be their own, which are brewed entirely according to the Reinheitsgebot 1516 purity of beer law.

Address: Rua da Picaria 72, 4050-477 Porto, Portugal (map)

Porto is, of course, known for one drink in particular. As tends to be the case with places with a dominant local drink, there’s not the biggest craft beer scene. However, the craft beer bars in Porto are solid choices for hanging out if you want something different from port.

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