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Naxos, Greece, is one of the more relaxing islands in the Cyclades. It doesn’t have the famous views of Santorini or Mykonos, nor does it have the crowds. While it’s quieter, Naxos still has several nice places for nightlife. Yes, there are beachside cocktail bars in Naxos with cheap drink specials if that’s your style.

However, I have focused primarily on quality bars highlighting the island’s special flavors. Naxos is famous for its unique spirit known as Kitron, which can be found at local distilleries and cocktail bars. Here are the best cocktail bars in Naxos, including Kitron-focused bars & others with local ingredients. Note: Some bars may only be open seasonally, so check their websites & social media for the latest details.

The Best Cocktail Bars in Naxos

Honey & Cinnamon Cocktail Bar

Honey & Cinnamon Cocktail Bar has the most uniquely local cocktails in Naxos. Not only are the drinks inspired by the surroundings, but so are the ingredients.

honey and cinnamon cocktail bar naxos 700x525

Just some of the local ingredients include Kitron, Naxos sour cherry, homemade date syrup made from dates from the glades of the castle, homemade lemon curd, ginger syrup, spiced rum, Naxian oranges, and Mastika, another unique Greek liqueur made from the resin of the mastic tree.

cocktails naxos honey cinnamon 700x525

The bar is located in the former home of a poet. Some of the drinks, such as the 1919, are inspired by him.

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I started with the Edem, a lovely sweet drink. I then had the 1919, an outstanding smoked cocktail brought out to the table under a jar.

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Not only is Honey & Cinnamon a cocktail bar, but it’s also an all-day restaurant with brunch. While most Naxos cocktail bars are only open in the evenings, Honey & Cinnamon is also a great option for some daytime drinks.

The bar is located just below the castle, so it’s in a quieter area, & not really near any other bars.

Their beautiful patio is the centerpiece of the neighborhood, with trees, umbrellas, and chirping birds, all with comfy seats. Outside, cats sun themselves on the hoods of parked cars.

It’s a lovely relaxing spot any time of day, so much so that I ended up there twice in one day. After my afternoon cocktail visit, it turned out my food tour of Naxos also included it as a stop. I certainly had no complaints, as it meant I got to try their lovely orange cake.

Address: Old Town Chora Naxos, 843 00, Greece (map)


While several bars in Naxos serve drinks that include the spirit Kitron, Kitron is operated by the oldest Kitron distillery on the island, Kitron Naxou, Distillery M. G. Vallindras. The distillery is located in the charming village of Chalkio, where they also operate a similar cocktail bar.

Kitron has a nice patio along the waterfront and an indoor space. Sit outside, and you can watch the ferries and sailboats come and go.

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As you may have surmised from both the name of the bar & my intro above, Kitron specializes in Kitron cocktails, including Kitron Spritz. They also serve classic cocktails as well as other local spirits.

I first had the Kitron Summer, which, in addition to Kitron, also included Mastika liqueur.

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Then I had the 1896, which was similar but with a hint of mint.

Kitron is really a lovely flavor. It makes any cocktail citrusy and refreshing, perfect for hot summer days on the Greek islands.

The bar serves a full food menu, including brunch, sandwiches, local Naxian cheese plates, and desserts such as orange pie.

Address: Protopapadaki, Naxos 843 00, Greece (map)

Swing Cocktail Bar

The music-themed Swing Cocktail Bar has a rooftop patio with sunset views across the harbor.

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Menus are printed on records, plus there is a spot for DJs.

swing cocktail bar naxos menu 700x933

Swing bills themselves as the only molecular cocktail bar in Naxos. Many of the cocktails at Swing Cocktail Bar include Kitron, including the refreshing Citron Breeze. The drink includes Gin, Citron of Naxos, Cucumber, Pineapple, & Grapefruit Soda.

In addition to their creative cocktail list, you can also order traditional cocktails.

Address: Protopapadaki, Naxos 843 00, Greece (map)

The Rum Bar Cocktails & Spirits

Rum lovers will enjoy The Rum Bar Cocktails & Spirits. It brings a Caribbean vibe to the Naxos waterfront.

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As you might expect from the name, The Rum Bar has a huge rum selection with hundreds of bottles. It’s not all rum, however, as they serve other spirits too.

The upper-level bar has a balcony and sunset views.

the rum bar naxos sunset view 700x525

The cocktail list includes the requisite tiki cocktails, both vintage with a twist as well as premium offerings.

the rum bar naxos cocktails zombie 700x525

I ordered The Rum Bar Secret Recipe Zombie, which can be ordered in 3 different strength levels. I went with the strong rather than the regular or extra strong, figuring it would be a good middle ground. The Zombie was served in a flaming glass skull, as all drinks should be.

Address: Naxos 843 00, Greece (map)

Apollon Paradise Cafe Restaurant

Apollon Paradise Cafe Restaurant is a unique spot located underneath the famed Temple of Apollo right on the Naxos waterfront.

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With gorgeous views of the castle and Naxos Town, it’s one of the best places on the island to watch the sunset over the placid blue Mediterranean waters. It’s the closest bar to the water & also a bit shielded from the sun & the wind.

apollon paradise naxos cocktail bar 700x525

Tropical drinks are their specialty, with a couple that incorporate Kitron. I enjoyed a couple of Mojitos with Kitron Naxos while listening to their soundtrack of nice mellow blues & rock. Everything sets the tone in a place that’s a bit slower than the pace of life you’re likely normally used to (#islandlife)

Address: Naxos 843 00, Greece (map)

Like Home Bar Νάξος

Like Home Bar is a multilevel cocktail bar & restaurant with a rooftop terrace and indoor & patio spaces. The rooftop level has gorgeous views of the harbor.

The cocktails at Like Home Bar are each named after a part of a house. Most of the drinks lean tropical.

I visited early on a weekday night, so the somewhat-club vibe was a bit of a mismatch with only a handful of other customers present. Later at night & into the morning, it does become more of a club-like destination, with DJs playing & bigger crowds. As such, it feels a bit more like Mykonos or Santorini.

Despite trying a bit too hard to be cool (this could be more of a reflection of my uncoolness rather than the actual vibe), Like Home Bar is a nice place for food and drinks. In addition to their cocktail menu, the bar serves decent sushi.

like home bar naxos 700x525

As for the drinks, I opted for The Terrace, a cocktail that came with a marshmallow.

Now, for many of you, being handed a marshmallow on a stick while sitting at a table with a lit candle means one thing: roasting that marshmallow. However, I blew a few minds amongst the bar staff by doing so, getting a few astonished looks as I turned that marshmallow into a gooey delight. One of the guys even took out his phone and filmed a video of me holding it over the flame. You’re welcome, Naxos.

Address: Οld Town, Naxos, 843 00, Greece (map)

In addition to these cocktail bars, there are a couple of places to drink craft beer in Naxos.

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