The best craft beer in Barcelona, Spain

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Barcelona is one of my favorite cities in the world. It’s a place that’s both aware of its history while also pushing constantly toward the future. When it comes to architecture, art, food, and drink, Barcelona is always innovating. So it’s no surprise that the city has a massive, rapidly-growing craft beer scene. Most of the best bars are centrally located as well, so it’s easy to get to several different bars in one night. Best of all, unlike in some places, drinking craft beer in Barcelona doesn’t mean you’re stuck with typical American or British pub food. Many of the bars also feature menus with excellent local meats, cheeses, and tapas, so it’s perfectly easy to go from bar to bar, having a pint & a bite to eat at each. Here’s my guide to the best places to drink craft beer in Barcelona.

The best craft beer bars in Barcelona

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Cerveseria BierCaB

Cerveseria BierCaB is a beer nerd paradise in Eixample. Eixample is packed full of great craft beer bars, including the next few on this list. With 30 taps, it has one of the best beer selections in Barcelona. Some are local, while the rest are from all over Europe. There’s also a small, but high-quality bottle selection. The staff members clearly know their stuff, and they’re happy to help guide you to the beer you’re looking for.

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It’s all a little bit of a beer bar cliche at this point, but give me classic rock & metal in a place with empty Russian River beer bottles on the walls, and I’ll be happy.

BrewDog Barcelona

Readers of this blog will know that I end up in a BrewDog bar pretty much everywhere I go. While there are plenty of other local beer options in Barcelona, there’s also a BrewDog in Eixample, so I had to stop in.

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As far as BrewDog bars go, this was one of the larger spaces I’ve been in. It wasn’t crowded at all, and had a nice mix of 11 taps of BrewDog beer, plus 10 more guests, including a few Spanish beers.

Mikkeller Barcelona

Mikkeller is another worldwide craft beer bar chain that can be found in many major cities. Their Barcelona bar has the same decor as other Mikkellers.

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The bar has 24 taps. Unfortunately, none of them are local, but there is still a nice selection of their own beer & beer from other European breweries.

There are a couple of other beer bars & bottle shops in Eixample that sound great, but I wasn’t able to visit: CocoVail Beer Hall, which also offers street food, and Zythos.

Chivuo’s Slow Street Food & Craft Beer

Chivuo’s has a few locations in Barcelona. The one I visited was located a couple of blocks off La Rambla.

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The bar has 6 taps of local beer, plus sandwiches, fries, and other snacks. It’s a cool little corner spot that feels like a nice neighborhood spot to meet friends.


Beer’linale is another beer bar near La Rambla. It has one of the largest craft beer selections in Barcelona, with 30 taps of beer. There’s a mix of local & Spanish beer, with the rest from elsewhere in Europe. A set of house beers comes from a brewery called Ilda’s.

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img 6020 700x525 - The best craft beer in Barcelona, SpainWhile the beer list is great, Beer’linale also has one of the more extensive food menus you’ll find in a beer bar. Going beyond just tapas, they also have a full menu of Spanish dishes. When I visited, I’d just had a snack from the nearby La Boqueria market, but I still tried the coquetas de jamon iberico.


Kaelderkold is another great bar just off of La Rambla in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona. It’s an unassuming place in an alley next to a church, but inside it’s a nice bar.

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The bar has 15 taps, a couple of which are local, and the rest are from all over Europe. It’s a small, intimate bar with just a counter to sit at, but that makes it great for solo travelers and others who are looking for some conversation.

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La Rambla and the surrounding areas have tons of touristy bars, so it’s great that there are some off-the-beaten-path craft beer and tapas places like Kaelderkold around.

Craft Barcelona

Craft Barcelona is another bar in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter. It’s tucked down an alleyway, which is always a good sign. Look for the Brewdog sign & Catalonian flag, near the Cathedral. Most visitors will walk right past the alley entrance while they are sightseeing, but in addition to being right around the corner from some cool Roman ruins, Craft Barcelona is a nice classic Barcelona beer & tapas bar.

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Craft Barcelona has a little bit of everything. There’s a selection of 9 taps, plus some local bottles. They also offer true pintxos, as you take what you want from the counter, then count the toothpicks to pay at the end. Each one is €1.

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The bar also has entertainment, featuring open mic nights, music, and stand-up comedy. When I visited, a beer tour had just entered, but there was plenty of room for everyone. In a city overrun with touristy bars, Craft Barcelona is a nice bridge between a traditional Barcelona bar experience and quiet craft beer bar.

The best breweries in Barcelona

Garage Beer Co

Garage Beer is one of the larger new breweries in Barcelona, and they’re doing some exciting stuff. Their bar has 10 taps, mostly their own, but also a couple of guests. There’s a selection of some local & import bottles as well.

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They’re another spot filled with friendly, knowledgable bartenders. I talked with one bartender, Esteban, for a bit, and while I had a New England-inspired IPA & an excellent meat & cheese plate, he filled me in on some other places I should check out in the area.

The front room of Garage has a small bar to sit at, but head further back, and there’s a nice relaxing space with couches & places to relax.

Barcelona Beer Company

Continuing our tour of Barcelona’s best craft beer bars, let’s head across Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes toward the coast. Here you will find Barcelona Beer Company.

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Since space in central Barcelona is limited, not many of the bars have patios of any significance. Barcelona Beer Company has one, which makes them noteworthy. They also have 16 taps of beer, 10 of their own and 6 guest.


Abirradero is in a somewhat different area, but it’s still within a reasonable walking distance from central Barcelona. The bar happened to be located near my hotel, the excellent Hotel Barcelona Universalimage 5616389 12525324 - The best craft beer in Barcelona, Spain. It’s just across Paral-lel, making it a great option if you’re staying in this area of Barcelona. While there are other bars & restaurants around, the only other craft beer spot nearby is Brew Pub Le Sec, which was closed when I visited.

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Abirradero has a phenomenal selection of beer, which can be enjoyed inside or on their large patio. Their 40 taps are the largest selection I saw. Amazingly about 75% are unique to them, brewed from their affiliated ICA (Instituto de la Cerveza Artizans). This craft beer brewing school provides opportunities for budding brewers to hone their craft. This school & bar truly make Barcelona’s craft beer scene unique. When there are this many taps available for showcasing creations, it allows brewers an opportunity to make something that stands out. While a selection this varied can be hit-or-miss, there are plenty of interesting beers to be found if you’re willing to poke through the list. Also, they serve each style beer at the optimal temperature, which few bars are serious enough to do.

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While Barcelona’s craft breweries might not yet be achieving large distribution outside of Spain, the local beer scene is outstanding. There are beer bars to suit whatever kind of place you’re looking for, and the breweries in the city are producing increasingly high-quality beer. It’s only a matter of time before Barcelona’s craft beer scene gets its proper recognition, but in the meantime, if you’re visiting the city you can be a proper hipster & say you got to visit these bars & breweries first.

Have any other favorite Barcelona beer bars & breweries? Let me know in the comments!

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