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For people who have a Priority Pass business lounge card & are passing through San Francisco, one option is the Air France-KLM Lounge in International Terminal A.

As you pass through security, the hallway leading to several lounges is on the left. Down this hallway you’ll find the Air France-KLM Lounge SFO.

sfo international lounges 700x933

sfo international lounge entrance 700x933

air france klm lounge sfo entrance 700x933

The first rooms of the KLM Lounge SFO were almost empty since there are no real amenities here. Almost all of the chairs are the same, which doesn’t allow for much selection based on personal preferences, nor are they particularly comfortable.

air france klm lounge sfo desk 700x933

air france klm lounge sfo 700x933

Being an international lounge, there are plenty of foreign newspapers available.

air france klm lounge sfo newspapers 700x933

There are work counters, but I did not see power outlets at them. Plus, with the way they face backward into the lounge, there’s not much screen privacy. Thanks to being on an upper floor & there being plenty of windows, the lounge is very bright with great views, which is nice.

air france klm lounge sfo view 700x525

Instead of sitting in the main room, a lot of people head to the back since that’s where the food, drinks, and TV are. The one TV was tuned to the Euro soccer tournament when I was there. With so many tables set up for four people, it wasn’t the most efficient use of space.

air france klm lounge sfo tv dining room 700x525

I visited the lounge right at the end of breakfast. There were cold breakfast sandwiches, as well as pound cake and snacks.

air france klm lounge sfo breakfast food 700x525

air france klm lounge sfo breakfast snacks 700x525

air france klm lounge sfo food 700x525

air france klm lounge sfo drinks snacks 700x933

air france klm lounge sfo coffee 700x933

A little while later, lunch was brought out, featuring sandwiches, fruit, and veggies.

air france klm lounge sfo lunch 700x525

One original aspect of the lounge I’d not seen elsewhere is the olive oil, vinegar, and bread bar. It’s such a simple offering, but it’s a unique idea.

air france klm lounge sfo olive oil vinegar bread 700x525

There was also a bar with a mediocre selection, though it did have port.

air france klm lounge sfo bar 700x525

Now back to the recent changes to the lounge. The business center that used to be located in the lounge has been removed as part of the remodel. Instead, there was a room with lots of power outlets, plus lots of small, low tables. Thanks to having no windows and only the one door, it’s claustrophobic and not great to work in. Yet because there are outlets here and not many elsewhere, this is where most lounge visitors end up. When I arrived, the whole lounge was fairly empty, but it quickly filled up as it got closer to the international departure times.

air france klm lounge sfo business center work room 700x933

air france klm lounge sfo chairs tables power outlets 700x525

Not having been in the lounge previously, I don’t know which layout was better, a true business center or what feels like a bad open plan office. Sure, it gives the Air France-KLM Lounge SFO more space, but it’s not great for work. It’s such a small room, packed with people during peak times, that any noise stands out. Everyone awkwardly tries to stay quiet. One guy who received a call was aware of this and was nice enough to head outside to take it.

Given that it’s a Priority Pass lounge, plus there are a few international SkyTeam flights that give access to it, the Air France & KLM lounge SFO can be very crowded if you visit at the wrong time. It’s better than nothing if it’s the only lounge access you have, but go in with low expectations. The food & service are solid, but the space itself still needs improvement.

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  1. I appreciate the honest assessment. We’re headed up there on Tuesday and I think we will leave the house late and skip (or briefly visit) the lounge.