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The Lake District is filled with interesting historical spots. If you’re in Ambleside, it’s easy to miss the ruins of a Roman fort that have been preserved along the shore of Lake Windermere. Ambleside Roman Fort is located right near the town in a nice park, making it a nice quick detour if you’re nearby. Being a history buff, I knew I had to check it out once I saw a sign for it.

Ambleside Roman Fort in the Lake District, England

How to get to Ambleside Roman Fort

For those with a car, Ambleside is located along the A591 north of Windermere in the Lake District. The fort itself is on A5095 (Borrans Road).

Several buses stop near Ambleside Pier in Waterhead, which is a pleasant short walk from Ambleside Roman Fort. Bus stops here include the 505, 516, 555, & 599.

The history of Ambleside Roman Fort

Ambleside Roman Fort is believed to be the remains of Galava or Clanoventa, mentioned in historical records. Given the lack of detail in the records, historians are unsure which one it is, but recent thoughts lean toward Clanoventa. The ruins date back to the 1st or 2nd century AD.

The fort’s purpose was to guard the Roman road between Brougham & Ravenglass, at the northern end of Lake Windermere. Multiple forts were built on the site during the centuries that the spot was occupied. The sections of the ruins that are visible today are from the time of Emperor Hadrian. The site of the fort was excavated in 1913 & 1920. Nowadays, you can see the main gate, south gate, commanding officer’s house, headquarters, & granaries. Historical artifacts have been recovered from around the area, suggesting that a settlement was also located here.

My visit to Ambleside Roman Fort

I visited by taking a bus from Windermere to Waterhead Pier. It’s a nice area for walking, even if you’re not visiting the fort. There’s a pier for boat cruises around the lake, plus cafes & hotels.

waterhead pier 700x525

From there, I followed the road toward Borrans Park. You can either follow the shoreline or take a more direct path to the fort. The fort is located on land just outside the park, along the western side of it. The area was quiet, despite Waterhead being much busier. Not many people seem to be aware of the existence of the park & fort, which is a shame because it’s less than 5 minutes away.

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ambleside roman fort entrance 700x525

Ambleside Roman Fort is a completely open space. Nothing is roped off, so you can walk all around (and over) the ancient foundations. Just be careful, as there are cows in the field. I steered clear of them & everything else they’d left behind.

ambleside roman fort gate 700x525
ambleside roman fort cows 700x525

Nothing remains of the fort itself other than basic foundations. Thus, it requires a bit of imagination to picture what was located here.

ambleside roman fort layout 700x525
ambleside roman fort walls 700x525
ambleside roman fort foundation 700x525

Still, there are signs of the larger complex. For example, pivot holes are located in what was once the doorway of the south gate.

ambleside roman fort south gate 700x525
ambleside roman fort pivot hole 700x525

There’s also a little ladder that you can climb to get a somewhat better view of the main areas from above, including the granaries.

ambleside roman fort 700x525
ambleside roman fort panorama 700x257
ambleside roman fort windermere 700x525

Above the main sections of the fort, there’s a rocky outcrop covered in trees. This is believed to be the original fort, though it really just looks like a big rock. On warm days, there’s nice shade here.

ambleside roman fort hill 700x525
ambleside roman fort lake district 700x525
ambleside roman fort england 700x933

If you’re in Ambleside or Waterhead, take a quick diversion to step back 2,000 years in history at Ambleside Roman Fort. While there’s not much remaining of it, it’s still remarkable that even these foundations have been preserved for so long. For more nearby history, visit the Castlerigg Stone Circle.

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