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After a few days in Glasgow, it was time to head to Copenhagen via London on a British Airways European economy award ticket. My first flight was in the mid-morning, so I had time for a visit to the Upperdeck Lounge at Glasgow Airport before my flight.

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The recently-remodeled Upperdeck Lounge is tucked back at the very end of the main part of the terminal, once you’ve gone past security. As the name might suggest, you have to go up a level to access the lounge. I was able to go to the lounge for free thanks to having a Priority Pass membership through my Amex Platinum credit card.

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Since the lounge is on a higher level, there’s a nice view of the entire Glasgow Airport.

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The rest of the airport terminal was very busy that morning, but the Upperdeck Lounge was far more manageable. It’s actually a huge space with plenty of seating. I had no problem being able to choose from several options.

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But first, I needed some food. While there was no hot food (unless you count toast), they had plenty of fruit, pastries, cake, and other snacks, as well as coffee & tea.

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The orange cake was outstanding, and I had several pieces. There was also shortbread because what else would you serve in Scotland?

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It was too early in the morning for me, but there was also a decent bar in the lounge.

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In addition to having lots of space, there was also a lot to keep people entertained while they were in the lounge. There were newspapers, several TVs, a children’s play area, and a video game area, though the video game area did not seem to be set up when I was there.

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Is the Upperdeck Lounge in Glasgow a luxury lounge on par with those of international business/first class carriers? No, but as far as Priority Pass lounges go, it’s the nicest one I’ve visited so far, and it’s clearly a step up from being stuck in the main airport below. I have no idea what it was like before the renovation, but they did a good job. If you have a long stay at GLA, it could be worth springing for the £20 lounge day pass to relax and have some snacks & unlimited drinks rather than going to the more crowded options downstairs.

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