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Did the TSA spend $1.4 million on a randomizer app?

While many travelers have signed up for TSA PreCheck, which allows for quicker security screening at airports in the United States, the TSA has also allowed some regular travelers to end up in the PreCheck lanes through managed inclusion. How do they manage this? Through a randomizer app that determines which line the passenger should get […]

Key & Peele: Terrorist Meeting About The TSA

Key & Peele wrapped up its latest season on Comedy Central this week, and I’ll certainly miss the it. It’s one of the best sketch comedy shows around right now. The duo hasn’t shied away from controversial topics in their comedy, and that did not change with this episode. Watch this sketch where a group […]

Have $8,000? Buy your own TSA Body Scanner!

Just in time for the holiday season comes the perfect gift for anyone who wants to invade their friends’ privacy while exposing them to radiation from machinery whose safety has been widely debated! MentalFloss noticed this eBay listing for a Rapiscan Secure 1000 SP (Single Pose) Backscatter Body Scanner X-Ray, which retailed for $113,350 of your tax […]