Key & Peele: Al Qaeda Meeting

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Key & Peele wrapped up its latest season on Comedy Central this week, and I’ll certainly miss the it. It’s one of the best sketch comedy shows around right now. The duo hasn’t shied away from controversial topics in their comedy, and that did not change with this episode, which featured a sketch called Key & Peele Al Qaeda Meeting.

Watch this sketch where a group of terrorists sits around in an Al Qaeda meeting in cave discussing potential ways of attacking planes, only to realize the cunning & mighty TSA is always one step ahead of them.

It’s brilliant satire about the TSA & the idiocy of some of the rules that have been implemented since 9/11. No, terrorists are not sitting around throwing up their hands in meetings over the size of scissors and toothpaste tubes allowed on planes, and that’s exactly the point. Well done, Key & Peele.

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