Key & Peele: “Terries” & “Turbulence”

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The fifth season of Comedy Central’s excellent sketch comedy show “Key & Peele” kicked off a couple of weeks ago, and in the first two episodes there have been two different sketches about airplane travel.

In the first sketch, Key & Peele “Terries”, the two stars are airplane passengers who are a bit over-zealous about catching potential terrorists err… terries.

In the second sketch, titled “Turbulence” (some language NSFW), the two men face off as a passenger and a flight attendant. The “fasten seat belt” light comes on, but one passenger needs to go to the bathroom. This starts a whole debate as to whether or not that’s a legal thing to do.

I found “Turbulence” to be especially funny, as the ding of the “fasten seat belt” sign does indeed seem to incite a Pavlovian response in some people, who immediately stand up to go to the bathroom even though they’ve just been told it’s not safe to do so. This sketch could actually be part of an airline safety video, as it’s a pretty good depiction of why you should stay seated when there’s turbulence.

There was one thing that did bother me about this sketch, which is that Keegan-Michael Key is inexplicably sitting in the middle seat even though there’s an open window seat next to him. I actually sat next to a guy on a flight one time who did just that, insisting on still sitting in the middle while I had the aisle. He had stickers on his laptop from a prominent San Francisco startup. If only someone else had created an app that could teach him some common sense.

Anyway, given that Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele are becoming big stars and are likely traveling more, hopefully we can expect to see more great travel-related sketches from them on “Key & Peele” in the future.

Last updated on December 22, 2019

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