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While the Czech Republic is known for its beer, Brno has some outstanding cocktail bars, including one in particular that is one of my favorite bars in the world. Whether you’re looking for an upscale experience or a fun night out with friends, here are the best cocktail bars in Brno that you will never forget.

Super Panda Circus

It starts with a ring of the doorbell and some patience. But the wait is worth it. Inside is Super Panda Circus, the most unique cocktail bar in Brno, and in my opinion, one of the best cocktail bars in the world.

Upon our arrival, we were greeted with a welcome drink while the host explained the concept. We would each choose from 5 characters whose portraits were on the wall. Each character had a different demeanor and cocktail theme.

While the bar has changed its menus & themes a few times since opening in 2014, the characters we encountered then had a “choose your own adventure” story presented via tablets. The decisions we made would then influence which cocktails we ended up with. It’s a concept for the adventurous who are willing to trust the expertise of the bar & get some surprises. On my first visit, I chose the American rocker, knowing this would take me down a path with lots of whiskey.

The main upstairs space of Super Panda Circus is impressive. Between the long bar and the stadium seating, everyone can watch the bartenders work their magic.

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super panda circus 700x525

Unlike some cocktail bars where the pretentious “mixologists” act like they’re above the clientele, not to be disturbed, the bartenders at Super Panda Circus are happy to talk about their craft while being an integral part of the experience. One could sense that they all get along well & are passionate about what they do.

super panda circus cocktail bars brno 700x525

My first drink was a twisted take on a Jack and Coke, with a cinnamon ice cube that melted and subtly changed the flavor. It was served in a custom-made ceramic Marshall amp glass with Freddie Mercury on the back.

super panda circus cool cocktails brno whiskey coke 700x933

This playfulness can be found throughout the Super Panda Circus experience. Every little detail has been considered while also remaining fun. As we sat at the bar, the music gradually shifted in tempo, with the apex of the evening including electronic (but well-known) songs from the Chemical Brothers, Prodigy, Fatboy Slim, Daft Punk, and the Beastie Boys, then becoming more chill as we started to near closing time.

What was originally just supposed to be a couple of drinks led to us inevitably working our way through our characters’ entire stories. My subsequent cocktails included a variation of a Rob Roy, a cocktail with oak-infused bananas and cognac, a take on a piña colada without pineapple, and a Mai Tai-inspired drink. Also inevitable: a return trip.

On the next Super Panda Circus visit, I went in having some sense of the different characters. I started with the Samurai, having seen my friend enjoy the drinks from that story.

The second cocktail on this menu is one of the most inventive I’ve ever encountered. It had smoky whisky, ice cream, coconut, and wasabi.

super panda circus whiskey ice cream wasabi cocktail 700x933

Now that combination can be polarizing (everyone I talked with either loved it or hated it – I personally loved how the flavors all came together, with the smokiness and the dance of the wasabi on the roof of my mouth being offset by the coolness of the ice cream), but it’s that sort of risk-taking that Super Panda Circus specializes in.

Not everything might be to your taste, but they take chances by pushing boundaries. When those pay off you’ll get unique cocktails that you’ll never forget. Super Panda Circus is always trying to innovate & evolve its drinks list forward.

Speaking of the cocktail list, while patrons are encouraged to play the character game, it’s also possible to order directly from the menu or talk with a bartender to get exactly what you’re craving.

This is what I did after my first couple of drinks, going with whatever sounded interesting. This led me to drinking a julep with miso, which had a nice salty & umami kick to it, as well as a cocktail that was basically an Irish whiskey creamsicle.

irish whiskey creamsicle cocktail super panda circus brno 700x933

Super Panda Circus is everything a great cocktail bar should be. A group of passionate people making cocktails they love, all in a space that is simply fun while never being full of itself.

Address: Šilingrovo nám. 257/3, 602 00 Brno-střed, Czechia (map)

The bar that doesn’t exist (Bar, který neexistuje)

First off, The bar that doesn’t exist does indeed exist. It got its name due to its origins as a crowdfunded bar. Once just a placeholder, the name stuck when the bar opened in 2012.

Not only does The bar that doesn’t exist exist, it exists with all of the splendor of a bygone era of cocktails, feeling like a bit of old New York City that’s been dropped into Brno.

Red brick walls back red leather sofas as jazz & blues fill the air. Upstairs, there’s another nice space with a wall of liquor, plus more red leather & carpeting.

the bar that doesnt exist brno 700x525

The bar that doesn’t exist has a huge whiskey and spirits selection. For an adventure, I looked to the detective notebook-themed menu. The book offers notes with various endings to the case, each a different secret drink. The menu does change seasonally.

I started off with the Baron Ignacio, a concoction made with Eminente 3-year Rum, Sedmero Dry, Cherry Heering, & Pedro Ximenez Sherry aged in Oak Cask.

bar that doesnt exist cocktail bars brno 700x933

After an excellent burger (the Blue Burger, which had a nice crunch from the almonds to go with the punch of the Gorgonzola), I then had the Dostarenicko for dessert. This sweet cocktail contained Myers Rum, Kahlua, salted caramel liqueur, apple must, verjus, and popcorn.

cocktal bar that doesnt exist brno 700x933

Between the classy space, the delicious burgers, and the outstanding cocktails, The bar that doesn’t exist is one of the most popular cocktail bars in Brno.

Address: Dvořákova 1, 602 00 Brno-střed, Czechia (map)

The whiskey bar that doesn’t exist (Whiskey Bar, který neexistuje)

If you operated a bar called The bar that doesn’t exist and you took over a whiskey bar, why wouldn’t you call it The whiskey bar that doesn’t exist?

Located northwest of the Brno city center, The whiskey bar that doesn’t exist is an intimate spot with dark wood, old photos covering the walls, and a nice long bar for conversing. While it may feel rustic like an Irish pub, the rock playlist (think Rage Against the Machine, Queens of the Stone Age, and Weezer) makes it clear the bar is both classic and contemporary.

whiskey bar that doesnt exist cocktail bars brno 700x525

There’s a massive whiskey selection of course, with over 200 bottles available. The cocktails are well-made and well-presented, with smoke becoming a live show in front of you.

whiskey bar that doesnt exist cocktails 700x525

In addition to their whiskey-focused cocktails, The whiskey bar that doesn’t exist also serves beef tartare, which is popular in Czechia. Their take on it is unique, with the servers asking if you want it with smoked whiskey or not. The twist is a revelation. You can get a small order on taste if you just want to try it as a snack. Other popular dishes include ribs & oysters.

Address: Gorkého 98/58, 602 00 Brno-střed-Veveří, Czechia (map)

Jekyll & Hyde

Down a building entryway off the street, Jekyll & Hyde is another hidden Brno cocktail bar. Yet once you’re inside, the room is brighter than you’d expect. It has a well-lit bar and a wall full of windows to go with the Dr. Jekyll laboratory theme.

jekyll hyde cocktail bar brno 700x525

Travel around the world as you sip their menu that’s based on various countries, incorporating ingredients that bring those international flavors to Czechia. The bartenders can also make you cocktails based on your preferences.

Given my love of whisky & Scotland, I went for the Scotland. This cocktail included whisky, apple puree, cinnamon caramel bread syrup, and beer.

jekyl hyde cocktails brno 700x525

Address: Josefská 7, 602 00 Brno-střed, Czechia (map)

Other interesting cocktail bars in Brno

There are several more great places to drink in Brno. 7 Hříchů (7 Sins) specializes in gin. The entertainment group that owns Super Panda Circus and The bars that don’t exist also run several other Brno cocktail bars & restaurants, including the basement hookah bar Slast (Delight) and the all-day hotspot 4pokoje (4 Rooms).

If you have any other favorite Brno cocktail bars, let me know in the comments!

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