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On my next leg of my around-the-world trip, I flew from Frankfurt to Hong Kong in First Class on Cathay Pacific. To date, it’s the best in-flight experience I’ve ever had.

After clearing security following my visit to the Cathay lounge in Frankfurt, I headed to the gate. I like to stand and/or walk around for a bit before I get on a plane for 12 hours, so I stood in the roped-off first class area for about 20 minutes until boarding of the Boeing 777-300ER began.

My seat for the flight was 1A, which I took to mean I was going to be in charge in case anything should go wrong with the crew. Here’s a photo of my Cathay Pacific first class seat for the 12 hour flight from Frankfurt to Hong Kong.

cathay pacific first class 777 seat 500x889

Cathay’s first class cabin on the 777 is arranged in two rows, with three open suites in each row. The middle and right side suites face each other, so for the most privacy as a solo traveler, try to get 1A or 2A. If you’re traveling with someone, aim for 1D & 1K or 2D & 2k. Here was the view to the right of my first class seat. Notice the privacy.

cathay pacific first class cabin 500x889

In terms of space, the Cathay Pacific 777 first class seat is the roomiest I have been on so far. I did find the British Airways 747 first class seats on my flight from San Francisco to London Heathrow to be a bit softer, but not significantly so.

Seriously, look at how much space I had here. This photo was taken with my legs stretched out completely from where I was sitting. I’m 5’10” and my feet were still a good foot away from the storage area. You can also see the Cathay first class pajamas & guest jumpseat to the left, which becomes part of the bed when the seat is made fully-flat.

cathay pacific first class 777 suite 500x281

As soon as I sat down, a flight attendant offered me champagne. Cathay Pacific offers Krug in first class. Having never had it before, I was eager to try some. I was so eager, in fact, that I ended up having 3 glasses, even though I hadn’t planned on drinking much during the flight.

cathay pacific champagne krug first class 500x889

I was also given lobster mango tartare as an amuse bouche while the rest of the passengers were boarding.

cathay pacific first class amuse bouche 500x889

While I drank my Krug, I went through the amenity kit. Cathay Pacific’s first class amenity kit on this flight was from Aesop. There was even a nice wooden comb and a shoehorn inside.

cathay pacific first class amenity kit 500x889

It’s the little touches that I particularly enjoyed in Cathay Pacific’s first class cabin. Take for example the flowers at each seat.

cathay pacific first class flowers 500x889

It was time to figure out what all of the buttons on my Cathay first class seat did. Imagine my surprise when I found the one that made the seat vibrate. My reaction was something like this.

You can give me nice champagne and fancy foods, but you can’t make me put the “class” in first class entirely. I was amused by this “A.S.S. Security Services” van parked below the jetway next to the plane.

ass security services frankfurt 500x889

I put on the Bose noise-canceling headphones that were at my seat, and watched the various cameras positioned on the outside of the plane as we taxied and took off.

cathay pacific bose headphones first class 500x889

Then it was time to start a movie. I opted for 22 Jump Street, which I enjoyed. I liked how it was self-aware of all of the usual sequel tropes. The screen swung out and filled the entire space to the left of the storage area. It was a massive screen for the space, and the picture quality was great as well.

cathay pacific first class video screen 500x281

Once we were at altitude, full cabin service began. Here are the Cathay Pacific first class menus from the flight from Frankfurt to Hong Kong:

cathay pacific first class dinner menu 500x889

cathay pacific first class breakfast menu 500x889

I started with some caviar and more champagne. Like with the Krug, it was my first time having caviar. I have to say, I can see why some people are willing to pay a lot for it. I probably could have had about 10 tins of it.

cathay pacific first class caviar 500x889

Champagne wishes & caviar dreams. Here is the point where I remind you that this entire trip around-the-world cost only 125,000 USAirways miles plus around $200. Even if I had purchased these miles during USAirways promotions, the whole trip would have been less than $1500, meaning this particular flight would have been perhaps $400. The caviar alone costs around $50. Not bad. This sort of travel is achievable even for the non-ultra-rich, you just have to figure out how to get the miles & redeem them for the best value.

After the caviar, I had the pea & mint soup, which was excellent. There was also a hand-written note welcoming me to the flight. Again, Cathay Pacific wins with those little touches.

cathay pacific first class soup 500x889

Then the salad with scallop & crayfish. There were nice big chunks of seafood on the salad.

cathay pacific first class salad 500x889

For the main course, I opted for the suckling pig with butter spaetzel.

cathay pacific first class dinner 500x889

Then for dessert, I had the apple strudel with custard. Phenomenal.

cathay pacific first class dessert 500x889

Overall, it was the best airline meal I’ve ever had. That’s not surprising, given how outstanding everything else was on the Cathay flight in First Class from Frankfurt to Hong Kong. In case that dessert wasn’t enough, we were also given chocolates.

cathay pacific first class chocolates 500x889

Even the first class restroom on the flight didn’t look like a usual airplane restroom. It was more spacious & fancier.

cathay pacific first class bathroom 500x281

After watching another movie, I had my bed made up and settled in to sleep.

cathay pacific first class bed 500x281

I tend to have some difficulty sleeping my first night in an unfamiliar bed, even if it’s in a fancy hotel. However, between the champagne and the comfortable Cathay Pacific first class seat, I easily fell asleep for a few hours.

I awoke in time for breakfast. I started off with a smoothie while watching one of the best shows on television, Veep.

cathay pacific first class smoothie 500x889

Then had a full English breakfast. Yes, those are actual freshly prepared eggs.

cathay pacific first class breakfast 500x281

We arrived in Hong Kong around 6 a.m. I still had another full day of travel ahead of me, but thanks to the comfortable first class ride on Cathay Pacific from Frankfurt to Hong Kong, I was ready for it.

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