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Lisbon is a city that is going through a moment of excitement. It has seen a surge in visitors and is becoming a technology hub. Along with this, it’s also seeing rapid growth in craft beer. Here is my guide to the best craft beer in Lisbon, including beer bars, breweries, taprooms, bottle shops, and more.

The Best Craft Beer Bars in Lisbon, Portugal

Duque Brewpub

Duque Brewpub is located down an alleyway in Lisbon‘s central Chiado neighborhood. When I say down, I mean down, as it’s on a stairway. All of the nearby buildings are historic, and there’s no distraction from cars. I felt like I’d stepped back in time while sipping a cold beer outside on a warm night while snacking on meat and cheese.

duque brewpub lisbon 700x525
duque brewpub food beer 700x933

Duque Brewpub has the best selection of Portuguese craft beer in Lisbon. The bar has nine taps plus a few dozen bottles, and everything is from Portugal, including their small-batch beers. They are also partnered with Aroeira Brewing Company.

Address: Calçada do Duque 51, 1200-156 Lisboa, Portugal (map)

Cerveteca Lisboa

I first went to Cerveteca Lisboa in their original location in Bairro Alto on what turned out to be their 3rd birthday, so the bar was crowded. But there was also cake! It was a nice evening, so people spilled out onto the street outside.

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Inside, I could see what was worthy of celebration. In addition to 12 taps of beer, there was a huge bottle selection.

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They had local craft beer from Portugal, but they also had an outstanding selection from all over Europe. It was the first time I had seen beer from The Kernel outside the United Kingdom. They have since moved to a new location near the Instituto Superior Technico. It’s a little bit far from the center of Lisbon. However, access is easy via the Metro.

Address: Av. de Paris 15B, 1000-227 Lisboa, Portugal (map)

Outro Lado Craft Beer (formerly LisBeer)

Outro Lado is located near the Cathedral in the historic Alfama district of Lisbon. It’s down an alleyway, so it’s a little tough to find. Look between the buildings for the narrow alley called Arco Escuro.

Once inside, you’re in a chill spot that feels like someone’s living room & dining room.

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Outro Lado has 15 taps, about half of which are local, plus a 300+ bottle & can list. Their selection keeps getting better & better.

Address: Beco do Arco Escuro 1, 1100-585 Lisboa, Portugal (map)

Flor de Lúpulo

When I arrived at Flor de Lúpulo, I knew it would be a great beer bar. Why? Because it’s in a basement, which automatically makes any bar better. It’s science.

flor de lupulo craft beer bar lisbon 700x525

The bar, which opened in 2017, has the feeling of a 1950s diner if a 1950s diner had up to 10 craft beer taps plus a couple of fridges full of craft beer (one with Portuguese beers, the other with imports from around the world including Belgian, Spanish, American, and other selections).

The metal & rock soundtrack and some bar snacks completed my love of the bar. They also host events like rock & roll trivia. The prices are great, too, often lower than in other Lisbon beer bars.

Address: R. Passos Manuel 102C, 1150-053 Lisboa, Portugal (map)

Crafty Corner

Crafty Corner is a cool, stone-walled space near the Lisbon Cathedral. It’s a cozy place with some leather furniture but also wooden tables for larger groups.

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The beer bar has 12 frequently rotating taps of Portuguese craft beer, plus food & live music sessions. Flights of 5 are available, or if you’re feeling especially ambitious, you can get a flight of all 12.

Address: R. de São João da Praça 95, 1100-519 Lisboa, Portugal (map)

The Queen Ale – Craft Beer Bar

The Queen Ale Craft Beer Bar is located near Martim Moniz in the center of Lisbon, but getting to it takes a bit of a workout. Its uphill location weeds out the amateurs and dilettantes. The spacious beer bar has a nice tiled floor, big open windows, and TVs showing football.

the queen ale craft beer lisbon 700x525

Reward yourself for the climb with a beer from one of their 12 taps, plus a fridge with cans and bottles. Get some empanadas, too; you’ve earned it.

Address: Largo do Tab. 9, 1150-344 Lisboa, Portugal (map)

The Beer Station

The Beer Station is located at Rossio train station in Chiado, making it a perfect rest stop when you return from a day trip to Sintra. The plaza below the station is filled with patio bars, and live entertainment creates a fun atmosphere.

the beer station lisbon 700x933

The Beer Station has 6 taps plus perhaps 30 or so bottles. Nothing is too rare, but any time you can drink on a big patio, that earns bonus points.

Address: Largo do Duque de Cadaval 17, 1200-160 Lisboa, Portugal (map)

Delirium Café Lisboa

Belgian beer fans will love Delirium Café Lisboa. As one might expect from the name, the bar is a shrine to the beloved Belgian beer Delirium Tremens. The brand’s pink elephants can be found throughout, with elephants on the door, elephants on the taps, and street art-style elephant murals on the walls.

delirium cafe lisbon beer 700x525

The Lisbon beer bar has 35 taps, most of which are Belgian. A couple are Portuguese. There is also a full food menu with bar bites, burgers, mains, and meat and cheese boards.

With balconies overlooking the busy street below, get yourself a drink & do some people-watching.

Address: Calçada Nova de São Francisco 2A, 1200-289 Lisboa, Portugal (map)

The Best Breweries in Lisbon, Portugal

Dois Corvos Cervejeira

If Dois Corvos isn’t the largest craft brewery in Portugal, it must be close. Their beers can be found at various craft beer bars around Portugal. They also have a brewpub at their original brewery in Lisbon’s up-and-coming Marvila neighborhood and a new taproom in central Lisbon. It’s a bit of a trip to this industrial area where the brewery was founded, but it’s worth the bus ride. It has become a cool arts neighborhood, with other breweries opening nearby.

dois corvos brewery lisbon 700x933

At the Dois Corvos brewery, you’ll find a large rotating tap selection of everything they have available at the moment. A flight was a reasonable €8 for five healthy pours, which could be upgraded to barrel-aged beers for just €0.60.

dois corvos brewery craft beer lisbon 700x525

There is also a nice food menu. I had focaccia with goat cheese, honey, and rosemary.

dois corvos brewery food beer 700x933

Despite being fairly remote, Dois Corvos was busy. It’s easy to see why. They are one of the best breweries in Portugal, and they are experimenting with their beer creations.

Address: R. Cap. Leitão 94, 1950-052 Lisboa, Portugal (map) – Dois Corvos Marvila Taproom
Address: Rua dos Anjos 16B, 1150-037 Lisboa, Portugal (map) – Dois Corvos Intendente Taproom

Cerveja Lince

Cerveja Lince is located right around the corner from Dois Corvos in Marvila. The concrete building is spacious, with plenty of seating, including some comfy leather furniture. There are also board games & a TV playing football matches.

The brewery has 15 taps, which are a mix of their own as well as from other local breweries. They are associated with the Lisbon Beer Department, a group of local brewers who do collabs and also hold Oktoberfest and other events.

cerveja lince lisbon brewery 700x525

Flights of 6 are available so you can try a good selection of their beers and the guest taps. There is also pizza.

It’s a chill bar with a relaxing indie folk soundtrack like The Decemberists, Fleet Foxes, Bon Iver, the Lumineers & more when I visited.

Address: R. Cap. Leitão 1b, 1950-049 Lisboa, Portugal (map)

Cerveja Musa

Cerveja Musa is a popular Portuguese brewery with a couple of taprooms in Lisbon, plus a taproom in Porto and a taproom near Sintra in Praia.

cerveja musa lisbon brewery 700x525

Fábrica da Musa de Maravilla is the main and original location, with 14 craft beer taps. It’s a huge multilevel industrial event space covered in graffiti with neon lighting, an area for live music and DJs, plus ping pong and relaxing couches.

Address: R. do Vale Formoso 9, 1950-277 Lisboa, Portugal (map) – Musa de Marvila
Address: Calçada de Salvador Correia de Sá 2A, 1200-399 Lisboa, Portugal (map) – Musa da Bica

LX Brewery

LX Brewery is another popular craft brewery in Lisbon. It was closed when I tried to go. Their beer can be found in most of the bars listed above, and they also have a cart in the gardens in Belém.

lx brewery lisbon 700x933

Address: R. do Funchal n5, 1000-162 Lisboa, Portugal (map)

8a Graça (Fabrica Oitava Colina)

8a Graça is the taproom for Fabrica Oitava Colina. The taproom is located in Lisbon’s Graça neighborhood, which is just north of Alfama. It’s just off Lisbon’s famed Tram 28.

There are 10 taps, mostly of 8a beer, but there are also a couple of guests. It’s a small space with only a few tables; however, the front street-side patio is where to be, thanks to the great views of Castelo de Sao Jorge.

Address: R. Damasceno Monteiro 8A, 1170-112 Lisboa, Portugal (map)

Quimera Brewpub

Quimera Brewpub is a bit further out of central Lisbon, not far from the LX Factory, but fans of sour & aged beers should be sure to make the journey.

Most Lisbon breweries tend to brew IPAs as well as lighter styles. That’s not to say that each brewery doesn’t do anything else, but IPAs are the focus. However, Quimera Brewpub is different. They specialize in sours and barrel-aged beers like Brett Brux, Flemish Red Ale, and Blackberry Sour.

quimera brewpub lisbon 700x525

Not only is the tap list, which consists of 12 rotating taps, unique, but so is the taproom. Quimera Brewpub is located inside an 18th-century royal tunnel. As a result, it feels like you’ve stepped into a castle or cave with stone walls.

The food menu also differs from most other brewpubs, with Quimera specializing in New York deli sandwiches made from beer-braised meats.

Address: Rua Prior do Crato 6, 1350-261 Lisboa, Portugal (map)

Cerveja Canil

Cerveja Canil has a couple of taprooms in Lisbon, each with a different concept & vibe.

Their Cerveja Canil Baixa location is conveniently located right in the center of Lisbon’s Baixa neighborhood, making it a busy place, especially during their weekday evening happy hours. It’s a little bit on the pricier side, but that’s understandable in such a major tourist area. The music playlist generally covers rock and indie music, with some 80s songs thrown in.

cerveja canil baixa taproom lisbon 700x525

The beer bar has 32 taps plus another 150+ bottles and cans. Around nine taps are theirs, with a further 15+ being from other craft breweries in Portugal. The remaining taps are a mix of world beers. Part of the taplists are written on the ceiling, which is certainly an inventive use of the space!

The Cerveja Canil Marquês taproom is more of a neighborhood spot. It, too, has a huge beer selection with 36 taps, plus 20 that are self-service (note that the self-service taps do not include their house beers). Visitors can get a pre-pay card for the self-pour taps.

cerveja canil marques taproom lisbon 700x525

It’s a fun idea, though the taps don’t always work perfectly, and the selection can be of mixed quality (though there were a few Dois Corvos & Oitava Colina beers that were good). Check out what’s available first before committing, otherwise, there are plenty of other beers available (including a couple of large fridges with bottles and cans.

Address: R. dos Douradores 133, 1100-213 Lisboa, Portugal (map) – Cerveja Canil Baixa
Address: R. de Santa Marta 35, 1150-295 Lisboa, Portugal (map) – Cerveja Canil Marquês

AMO Brewery

AMO Brewery is a neighborhood nano-brewery founded by Canadian brewer Margaret Orlowski in 2016.

amo brewery lisbon 700x933

Although small, the 7-tap brewery is clearly well-loved. Inside, there are just a few tables, but much of the space is devoted to the brewing setup. Outside, there are a few more tables and standing room. Be sure to get a freshly baked pretzel!

Address: R. Bernardim Ribeiro 53, 1150-069 Lisboa, Portugal (map)

DeBru Craft Beer

DeBru Craft beer is a small neighborhood brewpub that’s also a co-working space & coffee shop. It’s not the place to go for a big night out, but rather a quiet afternoon or evening pint. There are a few outside tables where you can enjoy a nice breeze.

debru craft beer lisbon 700x933

The brewery has six taps plus a fridge with some cans and bottles. Their Kolsch is especially nice and refreshing after the uphill walk to get there. In addition to beer and coffee, they also serve pizza, hot dogs, and other snacks.

Address: R. Luciano Cordeiro 2C, 1150-313 Lisboa, Portugal (map)

The Best Beer Bottle Shops in Lisbon, Portugal

LIBEERDADE – Beer Bottle Shop

LIBEERDADE is a small shop, but what it lacks in size, it more than makes up for in beer selection. In addition to 4 taps for in-house tasting, they have hundreds of cans and bottles from top breweries from Portugal and beyond.

Address: R. de Santa Marta 27A, 1150-291 Lisboa, Portugal (map)

Sputnik Craft Beer

Sputnik Craft Beer is a combination beer bar & bottle shop.

In addition to 12 taps, there are also a couple of large fridges, plus shelves with bottles & cans available to go.

sputnik craft beer lisbon 700x525

There are snacks, including sandwiches, plus a foosball table.

Address: R. Andrade 41A, 1170-014 Lisboa, Portugal (map)

Mestre da Cerveja | Craft Beer Bar & Store

Campo de Ourique is home to a couple of small craft beer shops & bars. It’s also near the start of Tram 28.

Mestre Da Cerveja has shelves with a few dozen cans and bottles, including a mix of Portuguese, German, Belgian, and American beers.

mestre da cerveja lisbon craft beer bar 700x525

They also have five taps, generally comprising classics like Konig Pilsner, Erdinger Weissbier, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Delirium Tremens, and La Trappe Quadrupel. There are only a few tables, but the proprietor is friendly & eager to talk beer.

Address: R. Tomás da Anunciação 88B, 1350-092 Lisboa, Portugal (map)

The Craft Corner – Craft Beer Shop & Tasting Room

The Craft Corner is located right across the street from Mestre Da Cerveja. It has 6 taps consisting mostly of Portuguese and Spanish selections, plus a few dozen cans and bottles. Each beer is served with a small snack, such as popcorn.

The cozy spot hosts small tasting events & also has some board games.

Address: R. Tomás da Anunciação 141A, 1350-325 Lisboa, Portugal (map)

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Lisbon has a growing number of craft beer bars & breweries, and the places they have tend to be excellent. Not only do they have lots of local beer, but most also have nice patios that are perfect for warm evenings. Nearby Cascais also has a couple of good beer bars and breweries. Have you been to any craft beer bars in Lisbon? Share any other recommendations in the comments!

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  1. Hi Jonathan. You are absolutely right, it is a very rapid growth when it comes to Craft beer 🙂 There is a new bar opened in Lisbon called Sputnik Craft Beer at Intendente. The grand opening will be in September. But guys already have some good beer to try out.