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Kalamata, Greece isn’t a huge city, but it still has a few good places to drink. A lot of the nightlife is seasonal, with beach bars & restaurants filling the coastline. In addition to a couple of great cocktail bars, Kalamata also has a couple of excellent craft beer bars. Here are my favorite places to drink craft beer in Kalamata.

The Best Craft Beer Bars in Kalamata

Kyttaro Rock Bar & Notos Greek Craft Beer House

Kyttaro Rock Bar (part of which is also referred to as Notos Greek Craft Beer House) is not just the best place for craft beer in Kalamata, but I think it’s one of the best in all of Greece. Opened in 2010, it’s located in historic central Kalamata on an alleyway lined with other bars and restaurants.

The bar has two sections, but you can order drinks from both. The Kyttaro Rock Bar side leans more toward cocktails and spirits, boasting some 500+ bottles of whiskey.

kalamata kyttaro rock bar 700x525

On the other half of the bar, you’ll find a massive selection of 350+ beers, many of which are Greek.

kalamata craft beer kyttaro rock bar notos greek craft beer house 700x525

The bar also functions as a bottle shop, with discounts for takeaway beer.

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The owners, Nikos & Dimitris, strive to bring in the best craft beer from all over the country. Between them & the friendly bartender, George, they provide knowledgeable, friendly service and are always eager to help people find the perfect beer. You can tell they’re all passionate about what they do.

I enjoyed a strong triple IPA from Dark Crops Brewery called Hopluminati.

kalamata craft beer bar kyttaro rock bar 700x525

I also liked the Achilles Paradox, a hazy IPA from Alea Brewing Company.

kalamata craft beer kyttaro rock bar 700x933

As you may have guessed from the name, the bar also plays rock music & has rock-themed decor throughout. It’s really a great place.

Kyttaro Rock Bar would be one of the best beer bars in Athens, but here it is in the much smaller city of Kalamata, which is all the richer for it.

Address: Amfias 12, Kalamata 241 00, Greece (map)

Rodanthos Rock n Roll Beer Bar

Somewhat oddly (but also conveniently), Kalamata’s other quality craft beer bar is located right next door.

kalamata beer bar rodanthos rock n roll beer bar 700x525

Rodanthos Rock n Roll Beer Bar has a similar atmosphere, with rock playing and occasional live music. Both bars have patios, which are right next to each other. It has a bit of a roadhouse feel, including old gas pump tables & signs on the walls.

kalamata craft beer rodanthos 700x525

The craft beer selection includes about 100 different beers, including some from around Greece. They also offer cocktails with a music theme.

Address: Amfias 14, Kalamata 241 00, Greece (map)

In addition to these two Kalamata craft beer bars, a lot of the seaside bars and restaurants usually offer one or two different craft beers.

The Best Breweries near Kalamata

Although there are no breweries in Kalamata itself, there are several nearby.

The local Kalamata lager is produced at Faré Brewery north of the city. It pairs excellently with the local roast pork dish known as gournopoula.

Nema Brewery (AKA Mani Brewery) is based in Agios Nikolaos, southeast of Kalamata.

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Zeos Beer (which, according to the labels, also makes Volkan, sold at Santorini craft beer bars & restaurants) is located further away in the Peloponnese in Argos.

kalamata breweries zeos beer 700x525

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