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For this layover, I stayed at the Aloft Kuala Lumpur Sentral.

aloft kl sentral 700x933

Quality hotels in Kuala Lumpur are very reasonably priced. It was just about $ 80 USD for the night at the Aloft, which was a great hotel.

One bonus of taking the taxi into the city was that I got dropped off right at the main entrance of the hotel. However, the Aloft Kuala Lumpur Sentral is essentially attached to the train station. If you arrive by train, you don’t have to go outside to access the hotel. Instead, just follow the clearly marked signs from the train exit, which will then direct you toward a shopping mall, then down a hallway toward the hotel’s side entrance.

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Thanks to my arrival around 2 am, the hotel was dead. After dropping my things off in my room, I went up to the roof to see the pool & bar area. Unfortunately, everything was closed, so I couldn’t have a drink, though there were still some people around. I wish that the pool had been open 24 hours a day because when I was wide awake at 4 am, a swim would have been nice.

aloft kuala lumpur pool 700x525

Between the pool area and my room, there were some pretty spectacular views of the area. The entire hotel was huge for an Aloft.

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aloft kuala lumpur sentral 700x933

Thanks to having status, I was upgraded to a room with a free minibar. This came in handy due to my late arrival. I’ve never been so happy to have Pringles in my life.

aloft kuala lumpur minibar 700x933

The room was nice and big. Considering I was only there for less than day, I didn’t really need that much space, but it was still good.

aloft kuala lumpur room 700x933
aloft kuala lumpur bathroom 700x933
aloft kuala lumpur shower 700x933

There was a beanbag chair, though it looked a little sad sitting in the middle of a the large floor.

aloft kuala lumpur beanbag chair 700x933

Thanks to having status, I was able to get a late check-out, which was nice since my next flight wasn’t until the next evening. This meant I could explore all day and then go back and check-out right before I needed to get the train back to the airport.

While the lobby was big, with lots of lounge areas, bars, and restaurants, I never saw more than a couple of people in it.

aloft kuala lumpur lobby 700x525
aloft kuala lumpur sentral lobby 700x525
aloft kl sentral lobby 700x933
kuala lumpur aloft 700x525

During my stay, I only had one issue. The keyless room entry through my phone didn’t work until the very end of my stay. When I first checked in, the issue is that in Malaysia, you can’t check in remotely since you need to present your passport. Still, it shouldn’t have taken so long to have the app activate the room key via my phone. That said, even when it did work properly by the next afternoon, the hotel elevator still required a key to be operated. You also needed a key to turn the lights on in the room. I’m not sure what purpose a keyless system serves when in fact you need a key a lot of the time.

Overall, I was impressed with the Aloft Kuala Lumpur Sentral. It’s in a great location, with fantastic transportation links to both the airport and anywhere else you’d want to be in Kuala Lumpur. It’s a perfect place to stay for a long layover. The hotel is pretty luxurious, especially for the price, with lots of solid amenities. Room key issue aside, I wouldn’t hesitate to stay there again (though on my return layover in Kuala Lumpur, I did stay somewhere else, only because I wanted to try different places).

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  1. Though it’s not heavily marketed or well-signed in the airports, there are a number of comfortable buses running between KLIA (and KLIA2, as well) and the city. Most go to KL Sentral. These cost about RM11 or so one-way, take about an hour — would have been even faster at midnight, almost certainly — and run later than the KLIA Express train. Grab and Uber, which have now been sanctioned and are legal in Malaysia, are also less-expensive options than a RM135 taxi ride!