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On my first morning in New Zealand, I woke up to find a bright city, with clear, breezy skies following the storms the night before. I had no specific plans, so I walked along the shore of Lake Wakatipu toward the city centre, with the ultimate goal of grabbing a burger at the famous Fergburger.

The scenery is truly breathtaking, with mountains, trees, and water in every direction.

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Endless small waves crashed against the shore.

The southern part of Queenstown is a peninsula that juts into the lake. This bit of land was wisely preserved as a large park called Queenstown Gardens. The park features sporting facilities such as an ice arena and bowling ground, along with several nice hiking trails and bike paths.

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I had considered kayaking or getting out on the lake in some other way, but the water was much rougher than I expected. Plus, it was coming from the west, so I would have been fighting the wind to get away from Queenstown. It also looked like it was freezing, so I opted to stick with warmer options.

Queenstown is one of those places where no amount of time seems like enough. Walking around the lake, I regretted not being able to spend more than a few days here. I needed to put it out of my head that I wanted to be here longer than four nights & just enjoy myself.

One reliable way to enjoy myself is to have a great meal. I hadn’t had anything to eat yet, and thanks to being three hours or so ahead due to jet lag, late morning was a good time for lunch.

One of Queenstown’s most famous food spots is Fergburger. Lines of tourists often stretch down the block, but at 10:30 am, it was the perfect time to go. There was already a small line, but this was the best chance to have a burger.

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Fergburger has so many interesting burger options that it was difficult making a decision, but I eventually opted for the Big Al, a burger that “delivers a double serving of prime New Zealand beef (1/2lb), lashings of bacon, a whole lotta cheese, 2 eggs, beetroot, lettuce, tomato, red onion, relish & a big wad of aioli.”

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I had never had a hamburger with beets on it before, but a friend had told me I needed to try at least one, as it’s the thing to do in New Zealand. He was right; it was all tasty, but the problem was the beets made the whole thing even more slippery than a normal burger, so I got juice & sauce everywhere. When I was done, I looked like one of those models from the Carl’s Jr. commercials, except about 1% as sexy. 

It’s easy to want to skip places where tourists are lining up, but Fergburger is the real deal. They also have a bakery & gelato shop next door. There are no lines there, and I highly recommend getting a few pies & other baked goods to go from the bakery before you hit the road each morning. That’s exactly what I did before I took a day trip to Milford Sound.

Speaking of hitting the road, after eating my burger, I wanted to figure out what else to do that day. I went into the tourist information center and was paralyzed by choices thanks to all the brochures they had. A few drew my attention, however, and then I took a Lord of the Rings tour around Queenstown.

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