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Edinburgh, Scotland is filled with history & museums both large and small. One of the smaller unique museums is the People’s Story Museum. The People’s Story Museum tells the story of the working-class people of Edinburgh from the 18th century onward, including their social movements, industries, and activities.

The People’s Story Museum is located at the eastern end of the Royal Mile, not far from the Scottish Parliament building. The Museum of Edinburgh is right across the street. The People’s Story Museum is also near several hop-on, hop-off bus routes. Entry is free, with donations suggested.

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The People’s Story Museum (official website) is located in the old Canongate Tolbooth building, which was built in 1591. The museum consists of 3 floors, all telling the history of Edinburgh through the everyday lives and stories of its residents from the 18th century to the present day. All of the content in the People’s Story Museum comes from firsthand stories & records. Mannequins bring several of these personalities to life.

The ground floor of the museum first provides an overview of the museum, including the Canongate Tolbooth itself, 18th-century life, trade (including unions & other organizations), and law & disorder.

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On the floor above, there are interesting displays relating to the lives of workers in various industries in the 19th & 20th centuries, including fishing, whaling, dockers, shipbuilders, industrial workers, whisky & brewery workers, bakers, printers & bookbinders, hotel workers, and public transport workers.

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Each of the individual exhibits goes into a good amount of detail, with items relating to each trade inside. It’s a cool way of getting a peek into the lives of these workers.

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There are also displays about the various political and social movements in Edinburgh, including unions, protests, and more. The People’s Story Museum has the largest collection of early reform flags and banners in Britain.

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The top floor of the People’s Story Museum covers social life in Edinburgh. It has exhibits about leisure activities, health care, pubs & tea rooms, music & sport, and washhouses. There are also videos featuring the stories of Edinburgh residents.

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The People’s Story Museum provides a nice glimpse into the lives & struggles of the workers who have made Edinburgh what it is today. It’s similar to the People’s History Museum in Manchester, the Museum of Liverpool, and the People’s Palace in Glasgow. For more nearby history, visit the Museum of Edinburgh and the Museum on the Mound.

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