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What is mead? Mead is a fermented alcoholic beverage created using honey, water, and yeast. It’s one of the oldest alcoholic drinks, with a history going back thousands of years. While mead is also known as honey wine, it’s not actually a wine. It’s not a beer either. Mead is a whole other drink itself; one that’s growing in popularity. Arizona has a particularly robust mead scene, with several meaderies in Phoenix & around the rest of the state.

Meaderies in Avondale, Arizona

Scale & Feather Meadery

The West Valley suburb of Avondale doesn’t have much going on, however there’s one place for drinking that makes Avondale unique: Scale & Feather Meadery.

Scale & Feather opened in 2019. It’s one of five Arizona meaderies.

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Walk through the door of this Avondale business park, and you’ll be magically transported in time & place to a warming British tavern or great hall, a medieval & fantasy-themed room with wood and velvet and flickering candles & a chandelier.

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It’s the perfect place to play Dungeons & Dragons or discuss the latest fantasy novels. It’s like stepping into a game or TV show, specifically the scenes where they just get drunk and have fun. Drink enough, and you just might spot some dragons.

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Ah yes, the drinks. Scale & Feather Meadery offers over 20 different meads, with a rotating selection. There’s a variety of interesting flavors, from traditional honey mead to other concoctions incorporating ingredients such as habanero peppers, pumpkin spice, fruit, chocolate, and peanuts.

While they sell full bottles to go, all of the meads are available in pours as small as 2 ounces. This is good for two reasons. First, it lets you try a variety of flavors, as well as different styles from sweet to dry. Second, mead is strong, with ABVs often in the 11-13% range.

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And if straight mead is too much for you, Scale & Feather also offer cocktails that incorporate mead, including mead slushies, winter warmers, and egg nog with mead. There’s also charcuterie.

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Inside the restroom, the fantasy & medieval theme continues, with maps from The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Harry Potter, and The Princess Bride adorning the walls.

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Scale & Feather Meadery is located right next to a great craft brewery, 8-Bit Aleworks, so you can make an afternoon of it & visit both. Cheers!

Address: 1050 N Fairway Dr Building E, Suite 112, Avondale, AZ 85323 (map)

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