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Liverpool has one of the best nightlife scenes in England. The city centre is especially packed on weekends. There are tons of great places to drink in Liverpool, but there are several Liverpool cocktail bars that stand out as being excellent for grownups who want to have a nice drink or two, rather than for partiers looking for discount drinks, shooters, and stag & hen night environments. Here are the 9 best cocktail bars in Liverpool that serve quality drinks & have great atmospheres for relaxation & conversation.

Berry & Rye

Berry & Rye is a Liverpool speakeasy that harkens back to the era of American Prohibition. There’s no complicated system for gaining access, just knock on the nondescript door under the black awning between Bunch & HK Hair Salon, and if there’s space available, you’ll be allowed in.

Inside, Berry & Rye is a cozy den with live blues & jazz, small tables, small plates, and a book with a full cocktail menu. Despite there just being a couple of people serving & making drinks, the service is friendly & quick, with nice little touches like a strawberry mint tea amuse bouche.

berry and rye cocktail bar liverpool 700x525

The cheese boards are also excellent.

berry and rye liverpool cocktail bar 700x525

One might expect that a speakeasy bar might be expensive, but there are drink deals & great prices, especially on weeknights. Berry & Rye is one of the best bars in Liverpool if you’re looking for quality while not emptying your wallet. It’s an unpretentious oasis for anyone who wants a great cocktail, music, & conversation.

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Address: 48 Berry St, Liverpool L1 4JQ, United Kingdom (map)

Petit Café du Coin

Stepping inside Petit Café du Coin is like stepping into a corner brasserie in Paris. It’s one of the finest quirky cocktail bars in Liverpool.

petit cafe du coin cocktail bar liverpool 700x525

Petit Café du Coin is a neighborhood spot with loyal regulars. The bartenders are welcoming to everyone, and always happy to give recommendations from their menu, as well as for other cool places to drink in Liverpool.

The cocktail menu at Petit Café du Coin skews towards gin, but there are plenty more options to be had, both classics & their own concoctions. As you’d expect, they also serve wine, plus a bit of craft beer from Camden.

The meat and cheese boards are plentiful.

petit cafe du coin liverpool cocktail bar 700x933

On weekend nights there’s live jazz, but at other times there is jazz playing on the stereo. The vibes are perfect, with the jazz covers of Queen, Black Sabbath, Kelly Clarkson, & other rock & pop artists contributing to the fun.

Address: 60 Berry St, Liverpool L1 4JQ, United Kingdom (map)

The Oracle

The Oracle is more than just a cocktail bar, it’s a magical experience.

Ring the doorbell to get in, and you’ll be taken into a dark upstairs parlor with candles, wood floors, and wood furniture. The blues & rock music playing reminds you that you’re in a place that’s a bit different. It’s every bit the immersive space that it should be for the concept.

the oracle liverpool cocktail bar 700x525

What makes The Oracle one of the most unique places in Liverpool for cocktails is live magic. Magicians go from table to table, providing intimate magic shows for all visitors. While that might not be for everyone, it’s fun if you’re into magic & cool with being approached & participating. The £5 cover charge to enter is more than reasonable considering the live show that’s included, plus the drinks are also well-priced.

As for the cocktails, you’ll find a list of classics as well as some of their own, all high-quality.

the oracle magic cocktail bar liverpool 700x933

The Oracle is one of the best Liverpool cocktail bars to go on a date or with a small group, as the magic show will certainly give you something to talk about. I won’t spoil any of the fun, but the shows performed at my table by magicians Terry & Benjamin left my jaw agape, which made it all the easier to sip my cocktails.

Address: 92 Duke St, Liverpool L1 5AG, United Kingdom (map)

Present Company

Present Company feels like a bit of everything, in the best way possible. Depending on where you sit, it’s simultaneously cozy and airy. It also manages to pull off feeling modern & retro at the same time.

present company cocktail bar liverpool 700x525

There’s a strong vibe of early-aughts New York City at Present Company, between the decor (including music art & subway-inspired shirts), and the music itself, which has a generous amount of indie rock, but strays into anything that can be considered fun.  

Above all, Present Company is meant to be a fun bar where you can have a good time with friends or a date over quality cocktails, beer, or wine.

The cocktail menu includes classics (including happy hour deals), as well as a quality selection of their own creations. The biscoff old fashioned is a particular revelation.

present company liverpool cocktail bar 700x933

Don’t just take my word for it. Present Company has won several awards, including 2022 GQ Bar of the Year Final 5, and UK’s Top 50 Cocktail Bars 2022.

Address: 37-39 School Ln, Liverpool L1 3DA, United Kingdom (map)

Brass Monkey

Located right next door to Present Company, Brass Monkey has a vibe of a semi-jungle, semi-beachy, semi-tiki, semi-bohemian, and semi-kitschy bar. If you’re in a decent state of sobriety, you can sit at a table with swings.

brass monkey liverpool cocktail bar 700x525

Alongside the more traditional cocktails (which are available as deals), there are also some interesting in-house creations. The chocolate raspberry mint julep is a sweet take on the Kentucky classic.

brass monkey cocktail bar liverpool 700x933

Address: 35 School Ln, Liverpool L1 3DA, United Kingdom (map)

Hummingbird Cocktail Bar 

Hummingbird Cocktail Bar is a throwback to the decadent 1920s, with lovely Art Deco touches everywhere you look. And also hummingbirds, of course.

humminbird liverpool cocktails 700x933

It’s a place where the drinks are made for sipping, and the seats are made for lounging, as you relax in the most beautiful cocktail bar in Liverpool.

hummingbird cocktail bar liverpool 700x525

Although the decor might harken back to a century ago, the music is more recent, yet still retro, with 60s & 70s rock & pop like The Rolling Stones, CCR, David Bowie, ABBA, and more playing on the stereo.

The team behind Hummingbird Cocktail Bar has strong experience with Liverpool cocktails, also owning & operating McGuffie & Co.

Address: 4 N John St, Liverpool L2 4SA, United Kingdom (map)

McGuffie & Co

McGuffie & Co has long had a reputation as one of the best cocktail bars in Liverpool. The cozy spot with a patio out front is inspired by the pharmacist who operated his business here centuries ago.

mcguffie and co liverpool cocktail bar 700x933

John Rowland McGuffie became an important local figure, so even after his death in 1860, his pharmacy name lived on until it ceased operations in the 1990s. McGuffie’s now honors this history by restoring the name & showcasing this history, with walls covered in old photos of Liverpool.

mcguffies liverpool cocktails 700x933

The cocktail menu at McGuffie’s includes well-made classics as well as house specialties. The Castellan No. 10 was McGuffie’s cough mixture, so naturally, there’s a drink inspired by it made with golden rum, rum bar silver, chartreuse green, pineapple, almond, & lime. While it might not get rid of your cough, you’ll certainly care about it much less.

Address: 10 Castle St, Liverpool L2 0NE, United Kingdom (map)

The Botanical Garden

Liverpool isn’t typically associated with good weather, but on those days when the sun is out, The Botanical Garden is the place to go.

Open 6 months a year (roughly March through September or October), the Botanical Garden in the trendy Baltic Triangle has tons of outdoor seating, all in a space that was formerly an ice cream factory but is now covered in street art.

the botanical garden liverpool cocktails 700x525

Gin is the star of the show, with refreshing summery gin cocktails like the Big Suze filling the drinks list.

There’s also a pizza pop-up on site.

Address: 49 New Bird St, Liverpool L1 0DN, United Kingdom (map)

The Alchemist 

The Alchemist is part of a chain of UK cocktail bars & restaurants that self-describe as a “theater experience.” It’s one of the most popular cocktail bars in Liverpool and also one of the largest.

the alchemist cocktail bar liverpool 700x525

The drinks at The Alchemist often have some interesting elements to their presentation done tableside, such as smoke, fog, or fire. Take, for example, the smoky old fashioned.

the alchemist liverpool cocktails 700x960

Since the drinks have fun elements (and some are even for multiple people), it’s a good place to go with friends. There is also a full food menu.

Compared to the other cocktail bars on this list, The Alchemist has much more of a party atmosphere, due to the immense space, the large tables & group areas, and the music, which has a club vibe. They are open late at night with DJs on weekends. Despite the louder atmosphere, The Alchemist still feels like an upscale bar for adults, just more of one for groups on a night out rather than a quiet date.

Address: 5 Brunswick St, Liverpool L2 0UU, United Kingdom (map)

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