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Roughly halfway between Brno, Czech Republic & Vienna, Austria sits a notable area of architectural & landscape beauty in South Moravia. Known as the Lednice-Valtice Cultural Landscape UNESCO World Heritage Site, the area makes for an excellent day trip from Brno, Vienna, or Bratislava. Valtice is famous for not only the beautiful Valtice Castle but also the Czech National Wine Center.

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Getting to Valtice from Brno, Vienna, or Bratislava

It’s easy to take a Valtice day trip by car or by train, the latter being highly recommended if you plan on visiting the aforementioned Czech wine library. There are also some tours available from around the region.

Brno to Valtice

The fastest trains from Brno to Valtice take about an hour and 11 minutes. There is a change in Breclav. The trains depart from Brno Hlavni Nadrazi every hour or two. Valtice Palace & the Czech National Wine Center are then about a 15-minute walk from the train station.

By car, the drive from Brno to Valtice takes about 45 minutes.

There are also tours from Brno to Valtice.

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Vienna to Valtice

The fastest trains from Vienna to Valtice take about an hour and 37 minutes with a change in Breclav. The trains depart from Vienna HbF every couple of hours or so, but there are a few more options for those willing to take a bit longer on their journey.

The drive from Vienna to Valtice takes about an hour by car.

Group tours from Vienna to Valtice are also available.

Bratislava to Valtice

The fastest trains from Bratislava to Valtice take about an hour and 41 minutes with a change in Breclav. The trains depart from Bratislava every hour or so.

For those traveling by car, the drive from Bratislava to Valtice takes about an hour.

If you’re looking to take a tour to Lednice-Valtice, here’s an option from Bratislava.

Valtice Castle

The Lednice-Valtice Cultural Landscape UNESCO World Heritage Site includes two castles in the area along with planned landscapes in the English style. The dukes of Liechtenstein gradually transformed the area in the 17th to 20th centuries. It’s one of the most popular attractions in the Czech Republic.

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Valtice Castle (official website) is one of the two castles of the cultural landscape (Lednice Castle is the other, with the two connected by a tree-lined avenue). You’ll find the names Valtice Castle, Valtice Palace, and Chateau Valtice used interchangeably for the property.

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While most of the rest of the landscape can be explored on your own, the castle can only be visited by guided tour. Visitors put giant slippers on over their shoes, which not only protects the floors but also provides entertainment to fellow Valtice day trip tourists.

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Chateau Valtice was built by Italian bishops in the 14th century. The Liechtenstein family then owned it from the 1490s until World War II. The family also owned Opava, near Ostrava.

The architecture of Valtice Palace is stunning, as is its art. Thanks to its long history of being built by 13 different princes (11 more than the Spin Doctors!), the building is comprised of several architectural styles, including Renaissance, Mannerist, and Baroque. The castle is predominantly Baroque, designed by architects Johann Bernard Fischer von Erlach, Domenico Martinelli, and Anton Johann Ospel. Several movies have been filmed at Valtice Castle.

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There is one long hallway where all of the doors line up. This hallway is the 2nd longest in central Europe.

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Throughout Chateau Valtice, you’ll find art dedicated to gods, as well as beautiful furniture.

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It’s easy to pay close attention to the intricate wood floors as you slide your way across them in your giant slippers.

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This creepy baby makes one realize why most statues don’t have teeth.

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The Valtice Castle chapel is gorgeous, particularly the art on the ceilings.

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Additionally, there are other beautiful ceilings throughout the rest of the property.  

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Following World War II, the Russian Army stayed longer than a day trip to Valtice. They didn’t take the best care of the palace, as seen by this bullet hole in a mirror.

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Valtice Castle on its own would be worth the day trip, but then there’s a special bonus in the cellar of the building: the Czech National Wine Center.

Czech National Wine Center

Every year, a panel of experts chooses the 100 best wines from the Czech Republic, starting with initial submissions of over 1,000 wines. These Gold Medal-winning wines are then showcased in the National Wine Cellar of the Czech Republic at Valtice (official website). South Moravia is the country’s main wine-making region, making this the perfect home for the collection.

Not only are these excellent wines all collected here, but visitors can also taste them and purchase bottles. Tickets are available for an unlimited 2-hour wine tasting in Valtice. A smaller selection is also available for purchase by the glass.

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Each wine in the Wine Salon of the Czech Republic has plenty of information alongside it, though the signs are in Czech. You can scan a QR code for an English translation.

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The Czech Republic has some outstanding wines, so a visit to the Czech Wine Salon is a great way to get to know them should you not be able to visit any of the local wineries.

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Between Valtice Castle and the Czech National Wine Center, a day trip to Valtice is an excellent idea for anyone in Brno, Vienna, or Bratislava who enjoys architecture, history, or wine.

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