Travel Tip: Make your luggage stand out

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If you’re like many travelers, you’ve stood at baggage claim looking for your bag, thought you spotted it, then realized it was someone else’s since it looked exactly like yours. This is especially common if you have black suitcases. Although they look better when they get worn and dirty, when everyone has them, they don’t stand out at all.

The Olympic team from Great Britain didn’t have a problem with black luggage when they returned to London from Rio. Instead, their issue was that all of their luggage had been provided to every single athlete, resulting in this chaos (via Deadspin):

It doesn’t matter what color your bag is when there are hundreds of people traveling with suitcases that are all that same color!

While you’re not likely to be traveling with hundreds of people with identical luggage like the British Olympic Team did, you should still make your suitcase stand out.

Here are just a few ways that you can make your luggage stand out at the airport baggage claim:

  • Colorful straps, belts, or scarves
  • Colorful stickets or paint
  • Colorful or patterned bags
  • Customized luggage tags
  • Customized luggage – yes, you can get customized luggage on sites such as Zazzle!

How do you make sure you find your luggage and nobody else accidentally takes it first?

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