Top Travel Instagram Photos from Everybody Hates A Tourist – May 2015

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In May, I traveled to New York City & Pittsburgh.

You can read my full posts about New York here & here, but here are a few more pictures from Instagram that were not included in that post.

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No better way to start off a weekend in NYC than by flying over it

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Flying over Manhattan on the way to LaGuardia makes for an amazing view to start a trip to NYC.

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Did you know: You can make a baby fart by inserting a straw into it & blowing

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I get a kick out of looking at airplane safety cards. Some of them have great illustrations, like this one. It looks like you can insert a straw into a baby and make it fart.

This sushi restaurant in Pittsburgh (SAKE Sushi) has the best presentation I’ve ever seen at a sushi restaurant. It almost looked too good to eat. Almost.

This statue sits in Straus Park in New York City. It’s part of a memorial to the Straus’, who died on the Titanic. A huge memorial to just two of the many people who perished seems a tad excessive, but it’s a nice little park.

Waiting for the subway in Brooklyn.

The memorial to John Lennon at Strawberry Fields in Central Park.

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Goats! Spending today volunteering at Slide Ranch

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My office spent a day doing volunteer work at Slide Ranch, which is just north of San Francisco in Marin County. There were goats!

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Slide Ranch, overlooking the Pacific

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And here was the view of the coast from Slide Ranch. Not a bad day!

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Last updated on June 8, 2015

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