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Granada, Spain is a beautiful city, blending centuries of history & architecture from Moorish & Spanish influences. The old Arab Quarter, known as the Albaicín, is an excellent place to get lost. In this UNESCO World Heritage Site, you’ll find narrow alleyways filled shops, restaurants, bars, museums, and historic sites, along with viewpoints known as miradores. From these overlooks, you can see much of Granada, including spectacular views of La Alhambra. While it’s fun wandering around & finding great views, here are 10 great miradores in Granada, featuring the best views in the city. There are also excellent tours of Granada that include many of these spots.

The Best Viewpoints in Granada (Miradores)

Mirador de San Nicolás

Of all of the overlooks in Granada, Mirador de San Nicolás just might be the best. It’s certainly one of the most popular photo spots in Granada. Even on a chilly January evening, it was busy as the sun went down.

There’s of course a reason for this. Mirador de San Nicolás has an amazing view of La Alhambra with the snow-capped Sierra Nevada behind it.

mirador de san nicolas granada best views la alhambra 700x525

Between the view, the crowds, and people playing guitar, this viewpoint is one of the best places in Granada to take in a sunset.

Tip: Right next to Mirador de San Nicolás, there is a mosque that also has a patio. If crowds & music aren’t your jam, head there instead for a similar view in a spot that’s much less crowded. If you want to linger longer, there’s a restaurant & bar just below the mosque, where you can also enjoy the sunset with a bite to eat and a drink.

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Mirador de San Cristóbal

Mirador de San Cristóbal is one of the higher miradores in Granada, providing sweeping views across the entire city. However, it’s further from La Alhambra, so the views include more of the old city wall instead.

mirador de san cristobal granada viewpoint 700x525

That’s not to say the views aren’t still nice, plus this overlook is also way less crowded than some of the others.

Mirador de Santa Isabel la Real

Mirador de Santa Isabel la Real is a beautiful, large, multi-tiered patio. It’s a great place to relax while you’re wandering around The Albaicín.

mirador de santa isabel la real granada 700x525

Unfortunately, Mirador de Santa Isabel la Real isn’t quite high enough in the old Arab Quarter to have the views of some of the others, but you can still see some of La Alhambra. A lot of the beauty is the mirador itself, which makes it one of the best Instagram spots in Granada.

Mirador Placeta de Carvajales

Mirador Placeta de Carvajales is a smaller patio that’s popular with dog owners as well as public drinkers. It’s a pretty spot with trees and a reflecting pond.

mirador placeta de carvajales granada 700x933

Although this Granada viewpoint isn’t as high up, there is still a great view of La Alhambra rising above. This is a particularly good mirador for anyone who would like to minimize their climbing.

Mirador Ojo de Granada

Mirador Ojo de Granada is located on the western side of the Albaicín. As a result, there’s no view of La Alhambra, however, it has some of the best views of the other parts of Granada, including the Cathedral.

mirador ojo de granada viewpoints 700x525

Since it’s the viewpoint closest to this part of the city, it’s a popular spot, with kids packing the small plaza to smoke or whatever. 

Mirador de la Lona

Mirador de la Lona is higher than Ojo de Granada. It’s not a huge space, and there are some trees in the way, but it still provides decent views of the western side of Granada.

mirador de la lona granada 700x525

Plaza Maria Santisma de la Aurora

Plaza Maria Santisma de la Aurora is a private plaza that’s unmarked on Google Maps. It’s located next to Palacio del Almirante.

plaza maria santisma de la aurora granada mirador view 700x232

Although it’s private, there is a sign with public hours near the entrance. There’s no guarantee that it will be open, but this overlook has the best view of the Granada Cathedral.

Mirador de la Cruz de Rauda

Mirador de la Cruz de Rauda is located near Sacromonte, but it’s not nearly as high up the hill as some points.

At first, this viewpoint doesn’t look like much, and you’d be right. But walk onto the platform, and you’ll find a decent view of La Alhambra & The Albaicín.

mirador de la cruz de rauda granada 700x525

Tip: Nearby Casa Pasteles Albayzin has excellent pastries. Buy a snack there & then eat it at the scenic overlook.

Mirador de San Miguel

Mirador de San Miguel is one of the best viewpoints in Granada. As you head upward from the narrow, winding streets of The Albaicín, you’ll suddenly find yourself in a more rural area. Keep climbing, and eventually, you’ll end up at Mirador de San Miguel, a beautiful area at Ermita de San Miguel Alto with sweeping views of all of Granada and the Sierra Nevada beyond.

mirador de san miguel panorama la alhambra 700x415

This mirador is one of the most popular places in Granada, packed with seemingly everyone in the city, from students to visitors. This gathering spot is where Granada comes to meet with friends & have a picnic or a drink. Bring a local craft beer, take in the sunset, & join in on the fun. In addition to the stunning views, San Miguel is a great place for people-watching.

mirador de san miguel granada 700x525

While other Granada photo spots might have closer views, this highest point in the area provides stunning panoramas you’ll never forget, with La Alhambra down below.

Mirador de la Vereda de Enmedio

After visiting Mirador de San Miguel, follow the winding paths down toward the lower sections of Sacromonte. This area is filled with caves that have been turned into houses & businesses. You can even rent one for a unique stay.

There are viewpoints all along these Sacromonte paths, but one of the best is Mirador de la Vereda de Enmedio.

mirador de la vereda de enmedio la alhambra 700x525

From here, only the Darro & a few houses are between you & La Alhambra. There’s also a little kiosk selling drinks. Since this viewpoint is lower on the hill, you can see the palace & fortress in all its glory. It’s one of my favorite views in Granada, and one of the easier ones to get to.

Granada is a magical city. The miradores in Granada provide excellent places to take in all of the best views of La Alhambra, the Albaicín, and much more.

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