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Finland has a strong beer scene, which isn’t surprising since it’s a good place to stay inside & drink for much of the year. Helsinki is filled with fantastic craft beer bars featuring local Finnish beers, as well as breweries from all over the world. While it’s not a huge city, it has a disproportionately high number of excellent bars to drink beer in. Most of the places on this list are within walking distance of each other in the city center. Here is my guide to the best craft beer in Helsinki, including beer bars, breweries, taprooms, and bottle shops.

The Best Craft Beer Bars in Helsinki, Finland

Pien Shop & Bar

Pien Shop & Bar (website) is a combination bottle shop & craft beer bar that has one of the best selections of craft beer in Helsinki. It’s the place to go for whales & hard-to-find imports.

Unlike many craft beer bars that resemble dungeons, Pien Shop & Bar is a bright, colorful positive space with indie pop playing. It was opened by friends Erkki and Tuomas in 2016.

pien shop bar craft beer helsinki 700x525

Browse through the selection of 600+ cans and bottles, along with 8 taps, and you can’t help but have a smile on your face. Be on the lookout for Indy, the Customer Satisfaction Assistant!

Address: Ateneuminkuja 2, 00100 Helsinki, Finland (map)

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Oluthuone Kaisla

Oluthuone Kaisla (website) is a massive craft beer bar located right next to the University of Helsinki. As such, it draws a large crowd of students. It’s a massive dark space that keeps going back, winding its way around a corner. Good luck meeting up with someone once inside.

oluthuone kaisla 700x933
oluthuone kaisla bar 700x933

They have a massive selection of 30 taps and 200+ bottles from around the world, including Belgium, Germany, the Czech Republic, England, Ireland, & more.

oluthuone kaisla helsinki 700x933

Still, with a huge selection, lots of seating, and board games available, Oluthuone Kaisla is a great place to spend a night.

Address: Vilhonkatu 4, 00100 Helsinki, Finland (map)

Black Door

Black Door (website) is one of the oldest beer bars in Helsinki, having opened in 1992.

Their 24 taps plus 100 or so bottles & cans have a strong Belgian influence.

black door beer bar helsinki 700x525

The owners call themselves a “beer lovers living room”. With board games & a chill vibe, Black Door is definitely that.

Address: Iso Roobertinkatu 1, 00120 Helsinki, Finland (map)

Restaurant Juova Hanahuone

Restaurant Juova Hanahuone is a unique Helsinki craft beer bar. It’s a cooperative space where several different breweries have each decorated a corner. It’s a cool concept if everyone can get along & not be competitive.

restaurant juova hanahuone taproom helsinki 700x525

With 24 taps, plus 200+ bottles & cans, there is plenty of beer to drink. There is also a snack menu including patatas bravas.

Juova Hanahuone is located on the same block in central Helsinki that is also home to Kaisla & Sori Brewing.

While the main room can get quite busy, if you’re looking for a quieter pint, head to the room in the back.

Address: Kaisaniemenkatu 3 b, 00100 Helsinki, Finland (map)

One Pint Pub

One Pint Pub (website) is located just west of central Helsinki along the coast. It’s a crowded neighborhood sort of place with a great vibe. The bar has been around since 1996. They have a nice selection of 12 taps and plenty more bottles covering both domestic and international offerings, making them the best beer option in this part of the city. They also have live music.

one pint pub helsinki 700x933

Address: Sinikaislankuja 2, 00180 Helsinki, Finland (map)

Barley & Bait

Barley & Bait (website) is a beer bar that is located in a newer area of western Helsinki known as Jätkäsaari. It’s not too far from One Pint Pub.

barley and bait bar helsinki 700x525

Barley & Bait has 13 craft beer taps plus some cans & bottles. Craft beer in Helsinki is often expensive, but the bar’s 5-euro beers on Tuesdays are nice. They also have an excellent selection of over 200 whiskies from around the world.

The bar has board games, plus other events. With blues & rock playing on the stereo, it’s a chill neighborhood spot.

Address: Välimerenkatu 20, 00220 Helsinki, Finland (map)

Barski Helsinki

Barski Helsinki is a taproom for the Swedish brewery Brewski. The beer bar has 24 taps. About half are from Brewski, and the rest are from other breweries. There are also some cans in the fridge.

barski helsinki 700x933

The bar can be a bit tough to find since it’s a cozy spot in a shopping center, but be on the lookout for hop lamps, & you’ll know you’ve found the right place. 

Address: Kaivopiha, Mannerheimintie 3-5, 00100 Helsinki, Finland (map)

Time Bar

Time Bar (website) is a quirky bar located in the mall area behind Pien Shop.

The beer bar has only 6 taps, but 2 are Finnish sahti. There is also a well-curated selection of excellent bottles & cans. Plus 80’s rock music.

Time Bar feels like a basement, even though it isn’t, and it also feels Japanese due to being in an urban shopping center.

Address: Mikonkatu 8, 00100 Helsinki, Finland (map)


My first ever beer stop in Helsinki was Bruuveri (website). It’s located in the maze of Kamppi train station/shopping center, which reminds me of Japan. From the outside, it looks just like any other store. Inside, it is a huge space with a large bar and plenty of seating (plus a smoking area, for those who are so inclined). People line up for a beer, which is so much better than crowding a bar. I wish more places would do this.

bruuveri brewery 700x525

Bruuveri makes its own beer in addition to its selection of craft beer from Finland. The brewery is called the Social Brewing Lab. They have decent bar snacks as well.

Address: Fredrikinkatu 63 AB, 00100 Helsinki, Finland (map)


Tommyknocker is an American brewery from Idaho Springs, Colorado. They were actually the first American craft brewing company to open a branded bar in Europe. Although Tommyknocker Helsinki (website) has become a general craft beer bar, they still strongly emphasize Colorado beers. They offer 8 taps of beer plus a selection of cans & bottles from breweries such as Great Divide & Oskar Blues.

tommyknocker helsinki 700x933

Address: Iso Roobertinkatu 13, 00120 Helsinki, Finland (map)

Base Bar

Finland is known for its love of metal. Craft beer & metal have a rich history together, with many of the best beer bars around the world featuring it as a soundtrack. While Helsinki has a surprising lack of bars that highlight the combo, Base Bar scratches that itch.

base bar metal craft beer helsinki 700x525

Base Bar has a few cans and bottles of local craft beer, plus a couple of taps of macro-leaning craft. While it’s dark inside (of course), there is also a front patio.

Address: Kalevankatu 3, 00100 Helsinki, Finland (map)

Yeastie Boi

Head down an alleyway in central Helsinki, and you’ll find two things I am passionate about: bagels & craft beer.

Yeastie Boi (website) is like stepping into Brooklyn, featuring a strong soundtrack of mostly NYC rap & hip hop, plus bagels. As a New York Jew, I went in with low expectations, but I had a legitimately great bagel sandwich at this cool little place.

yeastie boi bagels craft beer helsinki 700x933

In addition to 2 taps from Brooklyn Brewery, Yeastie Boi also has a fridge with bottles and cans from European breweries. Unfortunately, none from Wellington, New Zealand’s Yeastie Boys, however.

Address: Annankatu 29b courtyard, 00100 Helsinki, Finland (map)


Kulmakippola (website) is located in a spot that was formerly Rööperin Hopstop, a craft beer bar with 18 taps plus hundreds of cans & bottles.

The new incarnation sells surplus stocks from breweries and importers, thus keeping beer prices low. There are also games & trivia nights.

Address: Annankatu 3, 00120 Helsinki, Finland (map)

The Best Breweries in Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki Taproom by Sori Brewing

Sori Brewing’s slogan is “Serious beer for not-so-serious people.” Their fun taproom has great beer, so I’d say their slogan is spot on. The brewery is located in central Helsinki. Oluthuone Kaisla actually wraps around it.

helsinki taproom sori brewing 700x525

The Sori Brewing taproom (website) has 24 taps plus over 100 cans & bottles. Over half the taps are their own beer, but they also have lots of guests on offer.

There is also a full food menu, including pizzas, California dishes, Asian dishes, and burgers. 

Address: Vuorikatu 16, 00100 Helsinki, Finland (map)

Teerenpeli Kamppi (Ravintola Teerenpeli)

teerenpeli kamppi 700x525

Teerenpeli (website) is one of Finland’s oldest craft breweries, with bars located in 7 different cities around the country, including Helsinki, Jyväskylä, Lahti, Lappeenranta, Oulu, Tampere, and Turku. They offer a full range of all different styles of beer, plus cider (10 taps of their own beer, plus 3 ciders). Additionally, they have a few guest taps on offer, plus bottles. It’s another nice big space, like a modern living room or restaurant.

teerenpeli kamppi helsinki 700x525
teerenpeli kamppi bar 700x525
teerenpeli beer 700x525

The bar offers a sampler flight of 4 0.25 liter beers, which is perfect. Though at almost 17 euros, you’ll quickly remember drinking is expensive in Finland. I had the flight, then a couple of other guest beers. I had plenty of time here, as I had managed to arrive just before a huge rainstorm and had no interest in venturing back out.

Address: Olavinkatu 2, 00100 Helsinki, Finland (map)

Helsinki Bryggeri Brewhouse

bryggeri 700x933

Helsinki Bryggeri Brewhouse (website) is a small brewery/restaurant in central Helsinki. There is a small bar upstairs, plus a larger restaurant downstairs. The place understandably smells of a brewery, which is a smell I love. It made me nostalgic for the couple of times I’ve lived near breweries.

bryggeri helsinki 700x933

Bryggeri also sells sahti, a traditional Finnish beer made with juniper. It was… interesting. I can’t say I’d have it again, but I was glad to have tried it.

sahti finland 700x700

Address: Sofiankatu 2, 00170 Helsinki, Finland (map)

Suomenlinna Brewery

suomenlinna brewery 700x525
suomenlinna brewery helsinki 700x933

While it’s a small operation with only a few beers available, Suomenlinna Brewery (website) is one of the more interesting breweries in Helsinki. The former military outpost has a history of 250+ years of beer, as those stationed there brought beer with them.

Suomenlinna Brewery opened in 1995. The brewery’s location on the island of Suomenlinna makes it a cool place to visit. It’s right near the ferry terminal, making it the perfect place to relax after you’ve spent a day exploring the island. Read all about my visit to the Suomenlinna Sea Fortress.

Address: Suomenlinna C 1, 00190 Helsinki, Finland (map)

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These are just some of the great craft beer bars in Helsinki, one of the best beer cities in Europe. What are your favorites?

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  1. I’m amazed that you went through that much sahti. I asked for just a taster and that was enough! I like trying lots of different beers so the ability to order small quantities suits me fine.

    1. I’m usually the same way, but in this case I figured I’d give it a go. I like trying special local varieties like sahti, and it’s certainly unique.