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Pittsburgh International Airport is currently going through a transition. It was once a busy hub of US Airways, but a series of shifts & mergers resulted in the airline leaving Pittsburgh behind. Passenger numbers are half of what they once were, but the decline has leveled off, and with the addition of discount carriers and new international routes, the airport is looking forward to the future. One area that the airport lacks is airline lounge access. There is an American Airlines Admirals Club, but nothing for other passengers. This is all changing. In Summer 2017, airline lounge chain The Club opened a temporary location in Pittsburgh. A more permanent lounge location is expected to open in the coming months.

the club pittsburgh pit temporary location desk 700x525

The Club Pittsburgh PIT Temporary Location is located in Terminal C, near gates 54-56. It can be easily accessed from all of the terminals, as there is a central atrium & it’s not a huge building. Access can be purchased on a per-visit basis, but it is also included as part of Priority Pass.

the club pittsburgh pit temporary location entrance 700x525

The lounge is on the small side, and despite having only opened a month or two before, word had gotten out. By the time I left, about two-thirds of the seats were taken. The seats are packed together as well, so it’s a bit claustrophobic. A couple of tables were available in a small room. There were very few power outlets, but being a temporary lounge, I can let this slide. Hopefully the permanent location will have more. It was also warm, thanks to the long wall of the lounge being filled with windows. It did make for good light & views of the tarmac.

the club pittsburgh pit temporary location seats 700x933

the club pittsburgh pit temporary location 700x525

As for food, there was a typical lounge offering of mini sandwiches, soup, pasta salad, cheese, fruit, veggies, and hummus.

the club pittsburgh pit temporary location olives pasta hummus 700x933

the club pittsburgh pit temporary location veggies cheese 700x525

the club pittsburgh pit temporary location soup 700x933

the club pittsburgh pit temporary location snacks 700x525

There was also a popcorn bar.

the club pittsburgh pit temporary location popcorn 700x525

As for drinks, they were not available for self-serve, but instead had to be ordered from staff. The beer selection needs improvement, as it consisted only of macros and local Yuengling.

The permanent location of The Club in Pittsburgh is expected to open in Fall 2017. It wasn’t necessary for them to even open The Club Pittsburgh PIT Temporary Location, but it’s nice that they did. Here’s a plan of what the new lounge will look like.

the club pittsburgh pit layout 700x525

While there is certainly plenty of room for improvement, a larger lounge will address many of the issues with the temporary location. A lounge that is available to all passengers regardless of airline is a welcome addition to Pittsburgh.


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  1. Looks fantastic. As someone who has PIT as their domicile, I love the review.

    Question: what is the AAA Discount Rewards that appears to grant access? Is that simply an AAA membership?

    1. It’s not bad at all for a temporary lounge! I’ll be interested to see what the permanent one looks like in a couple of months.

      I’m not familiar with the AAA program, but as far as I can tell, AAA members can save $5-6 off a day pass to The Club lounges. It’s not a huge amount, but if you’re paying for a day pass anyway, you might as well save a few bucks.