Travel Tip: Bring earplugs with you

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Previously, I suggested that you throw an extra pair of headphones in your travel bag for when you’re on the go. Here’s another good tip: throw a pair of earplugs into your bag for whenever you’re traveling as well.

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Ear plugs are light and take up almost no space at all. You never know when you might end up in a hotel that is a bit loud, or you might end up on a flight, bus, or train with noisy people. While airline amenity kits often have earplugs, and some hotels even offer them just in case, you won’t always have them handy. You can find earplugs at any drugstore, or you can just take them from amenity kits when you travel. Then you won’t find yourself having to deal with any disruptive noise when you’re traveling. Getting proper sleep each night will help you get over jet-lag and keep you happier during your trip.

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Last updated on December 28, 2019

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