Travel Tip: Always wear a seat belt on buses

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Every couple of weeks or so, there’s a story about a major bus crash somewhere in the world. While many of these crashes happen due to poorly maintained roads, bad weather, or bad drivers, there’s one thing they generally have in common: far fewer people would have been injured or killed if they had been wearing seat belts.

It’s a bit of a morbid travel tip, but I recommend always wearing a seatbelt on a bus if one is offered. In some places, passengers are actually legally required to wear them and can be fined if police stop the bus and find that they aren’t wearing them. Yes, a long bus ride might not be quite as comfortable with a seat belt on, but if you always wear a seat belt in your car, then you should wear one on a bus as well.

There are always stories in the news about major bus accidents, and part of what makes them so bad is that very few people take the simple step to protect themselves. Going on vacation shouldn’t mean going on a vacation from safety, so wear your seat belt. Your family & friends will thank you.

Last updated on December 28, 2019

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