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I started July off in Vancouver, celebrating Canada Day and going to the Women’s World Cup final. Later in the month I went to Lake Tahoe. Here are my favorite Instagram photos I shared this month. As always, you can follow me on Instagram here.

Poutine is the apex of Canadian cuisine. This is from La Belle Patate in Vancouver.

We watched the Canada Day fireworks from my friends’ balcony in Vancouver.

Stanley Park is a huge green area just west of downtown Vancouver. I spent a nice afternoon walking around taking in the sights. This bridge is actually the one with the string of lights in the previous photo of the Canada Day fireworks.

One day I went hiking in Deep Cove, which is just outside of Vancouver. You can see the Vancouver skyline in the background.

Just a nice sunset in Vancouver. The weather was great the entire time I was there.

I went to the Women’s World Cup final in Vancouver. This was the moment that the United States won the World Cup.

On my final morning in Vancouver, I awoke to this view. The sky was filled with smoke from forest fires. The tiny dot is the sun.

On my way back from Vancouver, I spent an evening in Seattle, Washington. I went to the new branch of Toronado and enjoyed some great beer along with a plate of bacon.

Living in San Francisco, we don’t get to see much greenery these days. It was nice to spend a day up in the pines at Lake Tahoe.

Riding the Amtrak Capitol Corridor back from Sacramento to Emeryville, I was treated to this view of the sun setting over San Francisco Bay.


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