Top Travel Instagram Photos from Everybody Hates A Tourist – February 2015

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Following my epic trip around the world, February was a quieter month with less travel, but I still took a few good photos I’d like to share.

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The month started with rain in San Francisco. I had friends visiting from out-of-town for SF Beer Week, so we braved the bad weather for a hike to the top of Twin Peaks.

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Cruffins from Mr. Holmes Bakehouse #baking #food #pastries #foodporn #sf #sanfrancisco #breakfast

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San Francisco has been abuzz about the latest trendy bakery creation, the cruffin from Mr. Holmes Bakeshop. A cruffin is a cross between a croissant and a muffin, filled with different flavors. Here is the coffee cruffin & the strawberry shake cruffin.

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Once the weather turned nicer, we spent an afternoon walking around the shoreline at Fisherman’s Wharf.

This photo was taken in Toronado, one of my favorite bars, during SF Beer Week. Pictured is Russian River’s Pliny the Younger, one of the hardest to find beers in the world. It’s only available for about 2 weeks each year, mostly in the Bay Area.

The good weather continued through the rest of February. I went on a picnic one afternoon in Alamo Square with some friends. It was so warm that even as the sun was going down, we were still in short-sleeves. Everyone on the East Coast is probably hating this post by this point.

Finally, we close with some food, the delicious lobster roll from San Francisco’s Anchor & Hope.

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