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Although Japan‘s craft beer scene is growing, I went to Fukuoka with fairly low expectations. While it is one of the bigger cities in Japan, there are fewer expats and tourists than elsewhere. That said, I was pleasantly surprised that Fukuoka had a handful of nice places to drink craft beer. Here’s where to find the best craft beer in Fukuoka, including beer bars, breweries, taprooms, and more.

The best craft beer in Fukuoka

Brewers Beer Pub

Brewers Beer Pub was the first bar I visited in Fukuoka. It’s a comfortable space with lots of seating, especially at the bar itself. There is a lovely little outside patio as well. The pub is in a quieter area of Fukuoka north of the denser parts of Hakata, so there’s more of a neighborhood feel to it.

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I arrived near its opening, but it took over an hour for any other customers to arrive. That said, it was a blustery Tuesday, so I assume it’s busier on other days. I’ve always found customer service to be excellent in Japan, but this was especially the case here. The bartender printed out a menu in English just for me. There are also snacks available.

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All 12 taps at Brewers Beer Pub are from Japan. In addition to some of the larger Japanese craft breweries, there is also beer from local Mojiko. The beers come in three sizes for 600/800/1200 yen each. Given that a new menu was printed & there was a selection of empty rare bottles on the wall, Brewers Beer Pub seems like a nerdier beer place that has a solid rotation of taps.

Craft Beer Creek

One of Japan’s many wonders is that random bars are located off the ground floor of buildings. For example, take Craft Beer Creek. It’s on the 3rd floor of a building in central Fukuoka, just south of Tenjin station. Aside from the sign outside, you’d never guess that this place has a bar inside. Take the elevator up, and you’ll find an intimate little bar right across the hall from a salon.

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The bar has 5 seats and a few tables, but they make the most of the space. Craft Beer Creek has ten taps of Japanese, North American, and European beer.

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I got the last seat at the bar, and while I had no understanding of what was on the TV or any of the bar banter to go along with it, it felt like I was hanging out with friends.

Each of the places I drank craft beer in Fukuoka had a different vibe. Depending on your mood, you can find something that will suit your evening. The one thing that all the bars had in common was a solid craft beer selection. While there weren’t too many local breweries in Fukuoka, there will undoubtedly be more in the future as the patrons of these bars are inspired to brew their own.

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