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Tbilisi International Airport has one airport lounge, but since it’s not a very big airport, the Primeclass Lounge seems to meet its needs.

As soon as you go through passport control, head to the right. The Primeclass Lounge Tbilisi is at the end of the main part of the hall.

primeclass lounge tbilisi entrance 700x933

It’s a small lounge, but it’s open 24/7 due to the wide range of flight times in Tbilisi. I arrived at 3 a.m. because I had a flight departing at 5 a.m. I could access the Primeclass Lounge because I was flying in Turkish Airlines Business Class. However, access is available with Priority Pass, LoungeBuddy, and other programs, as well as for a 55 Euro fee (as of May 2024).

Upon entering the lounge, I was one of the only people inside.

primeclass lounge tbilisi seating 700x525

This did change as time went on, as several flights depart from Tbilisi around 5-6 a.m each day. Within an hour, the lounge was pretty crowded. The lounge had clearly been recently refreshed for the day prior to this morning rush.

primeclass lounge tbilisi main seating area 700x525

That said, when I arrived, there was still a dinner service with hot food.

primeclass lounge tbilisi hot food 700x933

It included a variety of Georgian dishes, including khachapuri. While it’s a chance for one last taste of one of my favorite Georgian dishes, you’d have to be pretty desperate to have it in an airport lounge rather than in one of the excellent khachapuri restaurants in Tbilisi.

primeclass lounge tbilisi georgian pastries 700x525

The were also serving sandwiches, cheese, pastries, fruit, and cookies.

primeclass lounge tbilisi sandwiches meat cheese 700x525
primeclass lounge tbilisi cookies fruit 700x525

There was even a warm nut machine, something I’d never noticed in a lounge before.

primeclass lounge tbilisi warm nut machine 700x933

The liquor selection was self-serve, along with some Georgian wine and beer. There was even chacha.

primeclass lounge tbilisi wine liquor selection 700x933

Given the early morning hours, coffee machines were a welcome sight.

primeclass lounge tbilisi coffee machines 700x525

But so was one of my favorite discoveries on my trip: Georgian lemonade (soda). I couldn’t resist having one last pear soda, my favorite flavor.

pear lemonade soda georgia 700x933

There are TVs, wifi and a business center, but no showers.

primeclass lounge tbilisi business center 700x525

The Tbilisi Primeclass Lounge is also a showcase for local art, and all of the pieces are available for sale.

primeclass lounge tbilisi art for sale 700x525

The seats are pretty crammed in, but they make the most of the small space. It’s not the most relaxing place, but it does have food and drink, so it’s better than sitting in a terminal.

Given the odd schedules of Tbilisi airport, I wasn’t expecting the lounge to be open or in top condition at 3 a.m., but thanks to the busy rush, the people who run the lounge are well-prepared. It’s not a fancy lounge, but it’s better than nothing if you have some time to kill before your flight.

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