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The Soft Start RV High-Performance Soft Starter for ALL RV air conditioners keeps RVers in cool comfort in more places than ever before possible. By reducing the startup amps for A/Cs by up to 70%, Soft Start RV delivers a new era in comfort control by allowing fulltimers, weekenders, boondockers, moochdockers and all other RVers the freedom to:•Start and runs two A/Cs* on a 30-amp hookup•Start and run one A/C with a small generator•Start and run one A/C using an onboard inverter system•Start and run one A/C on a 20-amp house circuit•Use many other appliances while the A/C is keeping the RV cool•Sleep through quiet nights without a loud A/C startup jolting you awake•Extend the life of the A/C due to much less stress on compressor windings Enjoy the assurance of an extended two-year warranty Whats the Difference Between a Typical RV A/C Startup and a Soft Start RV A/C Startup?Many existing RV rooftop air conditioners can require 7 to 8 times their normal running power to startup. Such a high spike in power drawn from the RVs electrical system can cause other appliances to shut down or circuit breakers to shut off unexpectedly. It can also require a larger, heavier, more expensive generator to keep everything running without interruption. A Soft Start RV soft starter dramatically reduces that startup power by up to 70%, allowing other appliances to keep running without requiring a larger power source. Satisfaction Guaranteed Every Soft Start RV product is supported by unmatched installation help and technical service. Whether you install it yourself or have a trained technician do it, you can rely on Soft Start RV. com/support to provide the most complete information and responsive service available. And its all backed with an exclusive 90-day Love It or Return It policy. Simply follow the Return Policy of the seller from whom you bought the product within 90 days of the original purchase date. Universal Use Soft Start RV soft starter is rated for 115-240 V motors and up to 3-ton compr Camping World Camping World SoftStartRV High-Performance Soft Starter

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