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When I was in Riga, Latvia, I spent three nights at the Radi Un Draugi Hotel. The hotel is in a perfect location in the old town center of Riga, a short walk from all of its sights as well as plenty of great bars and restaurants. I booked the hotel via Hotels.comimage 5616389 12113366 1447885316000, so it was eligible for their Welcome Rewards program.

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Thanks to my early flight from Copenhagen, I was at the hotel early. While my room wasn’t quite ready yet, the friendly woman at the front desk said she could have it ready for me by 11:30, which was fine. I left my suitcase in their office and set off exploring for a while.

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The room wasn’t fancy, but it was nice enough. Although sparsely decorated, it was rather spacious for an old European city center. There was a desk to work at, a TV, plus another chair for sitting.

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Much like the room, the bed wasn’t anything extraordinary, but it was comfortable enough to get a good night’s sleep. The hotel wifi also worked well, and there was an outlet right next to the bed.

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There wasn’t much of a view, but given the identical heights of all the buildings in the area, I was happy to not be on the main street.

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Although I was on the quieter back side of the building, there were earplugs waiting for me just in case. More hotels should do this if they’re in an area that has a bit of nightlife. While most people won’t need them (and I always bring my own), it’s a nice touch just in case there is a bit of noise that is out of the hotel’s control.

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Breakfast was included in my room rate. One thing I learned on this trip is that they love a good breakfast in the countries I visited, and Latvia is no different.

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While the breakfast spread may not have been as outstanding as the one in Copenhagen, few are. Radi Un Draugi has a great breakfast buffet that includes meats, eggs, oatmeal, pastries, herring, fruit spreads, juice, and breads.

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Radi Un Draugi means “friends and family” in Latvia. Given the warm welcome & good breakfast I received, the name is appropriate. The Radi Un Draugi is not a luxury hotel, but it’s a great value hotel in the center of Riga, with a friendly staff & everything you’ll need for a nice stay in the city.

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