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For as long as humans have been making wine, they’ve also had to figure out how to store it. Underground wine cellars are a way to keep wine at a reasonably consistent cool temperature throughout the year. In South Moravia, the Petrov-Plže Wine Cellars are unique in that rather than being below a large building, the entire cellars are instead sunken underground inside a series of hills.

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The Petrov-Plže Wine Cellars are located not far from the Slovakian border, right near the Bata Canal. There is also a train station nearby (Petrov u Strážnice).

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Plže Wine Cellars have been in operation since the 15th century, though the current buildings are newer. Rows of blue and white buildings dot the landscape, looking like Hobbit-holes.

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Most of the 80 or so buildings house a small, family-run winery, which would likely please any resident of the Shire. The Petrov Wine Cellars range in depth from 10 to 17 meters.

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The concept reminds me of the tiny archway craft breweries that are common in the United Kingdom. They were constructed by digging into the soft clay, constructing the cellar, and then covering up the building with the excavated dirt.

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Given the size of these private wineries, each is only open sporadically. During the summer months, visitors can expect to see at least a few open each day, with frequent larger events on weekends. The central squares of the Petrov wine village become community hubs during these events.

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On our visit, there were a couple of stands open selling burcak, other wine, and souvenirs.

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While visiting all of South Moravia’s winemaking locations, be sure to check out the Plže Wine Cellars for a unique local wine experience.

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Note: My visit to the Petrov-Plže Wine Cellars was a Traverse press trip hosted by South Moravia. All opinions are 100% my own.

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