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Nathan For You is one of the funniest shows on television right now, provided you have the right sort of sense of humor. Comedian & business school graduate Nathan Fielder goes to various businesses giving them advice on how to better market themselves. The ideas on the Comedy Central show are always creative, always bizarre, yet they still make you think, “Hmm…. maybe that’s a good idea!” (at least for a few seconds).

Spoiler: The ideas rarely work out, but the process of their implementation is entertaining.

The most recent episode of Nathan For You was travel-themed.

In the first part of the episode, Nathan advises a hotel on how they can better serve families who want to travel on vacation. Nathan’s solution? A sound-proof box that children can be locked in while their parents want to have some private time.

Watch a clip of the Nathan For You hotel box segment below (not safe for work):

Sure, Nathan For You’s hotel sex box is a crazy idea, but given the recent survey that found that couples believe their sex life is much improved in a hotel, you have to believe that a lot of parents would be interested in this amenity.

The second part of this week’s Nathan For You involved a travel agent who has had her business grow smaller as more and more people book online. Most of her clients are older, and well… Nathan suggests that the travel agent prepare them for one final trip.

Nathan For You is not for everyone, but I personally think it’s brilliant. Some of Nathan’s ideas have been performance art as its finest, and if you’re into comedy, I recommend giving it a shot.

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