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I spent 3 nights in Copenhagen, all of them at the Hotel Skt. Petri, which is part of the Choice Hotels program.

Earlier in the year, I had bought some Choice Hotels points as part of the annual Daily Deals promotion. As a result, the hotel ended up being a steal. The Hotel Skt. Petri was just 20,000 points per night, so for 60,000 points total, which I had purchased for about $247, I got to stay in a hotel that was going for $224 per night – a savings of over 63%!

hotel skt petri copenhagen 700x933

The Hotel Skt. Petri is an impressive boutique hotel in a convenient location in central Copenhagen. From Copenhagen Airport, I took the Metro to Nørreport, which is about 30 minutes away. From there, it was a short 5 minute walk to the hotel. If you’re arriving at Copenhagen’s main train station, the Hotel Skt. Petri is only a pleasant 15 minute walk away. Once I was at my hotel, I barely used public transportation for the rest of my time in Copenhagen, instead opting to walk most places.

As soon as I entered the Hotel Skt. Petri, I knew I was going to be in for a nice stay. The lobby has a towering atrium that expands into the restaurant, which is called Central Kitchen. I would actually end up taking the staircase down from my 4th floor room each morning, as I liked the view down to the rest of the hotel below.

hotel skt petri lobby 700x525
hotel skt petri central kitchen 700x933

The room was decorated as one might expect in Denmark. Clean, simple, quality furnishings.

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hotel skt petri bed 700x525
hotel skt petri desk 700x933
hotel skt petri bathroom 700x933
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My view wasn’t bad, though some of the hotel rooms on higher floors and on other sides of the building do likely have better views out over Copenhagen. On the flip side, there are also hotel rooms with windows that face out into the lobby, which I can’t say I’ve ever seen at any other hotels. My room was plenty bright, which is nice when you’re trying to get over jet lag.

hotel skt petri view 700x525
hotel skt petri room 700x933

Since it’s a boutique hotel, there are some little quirks of personality, but they never came across as trying too hard, unlike at some trendy hotels. I liked this do-not-disturb/clean my room sign.

hotel skt petri do not disturb 700x933
hotel skt petri clean my room 700x933

As well as this happy little power outlet.

happy power outlet 700x933

My booking included a breakfast each morning. I went down my first morning, figuring I’d just check it out that one day and then go somewhere else other mornings. I expected a continental breakfast. Instead, I found the nicest hotel breakfast buffet I have ever seen.

hotel skt petri breakfast buffet 700x933

Do you like egg options? The Hotel Skt. Petri has egg options.

hotel skt petri breakfast 700x933

Seriously, look at all of this.

hotel skt petri eggs 700x933

No really, look at it.

hotel skt petri bread 700x933

Was that not enough bread for you? How about some pancakes?

hotel skt petri pancakes 700x933

Or perhaps you’d like to make your own Belgian waffle?

hotel skt petri waffle 700x933

We’re still not done.

hotel skt petri cheese 700x933

Was that not enough cheese? Because here’s more cheese.

hotel skt petri copenhagen food 700x933

With all that cheese, how about some local meats & fish?

hotel skt petri copenhagen breakfast 700x933

There are several cereal options too.

hotel skt petri cereal 700x933

Plus a large selection of fruit.

hotel skt petri fruit 700x933

Copenhagen has some amazing food, and my only regret on the trip was that I wasn’t able to enjoy more of it thanks to how much I ate at this huge breakfast spread. At least most of the breakfast foods were local, so I felt like I was still getting a decent Danish experience. It seemed like a waste to not take full advantage of it. I wasn’t able to go on my final morning, as Central Kitchen wasn’t open by the time I needed to leave (that will be the last time I choose an insanely early morning flight, unless absolutely necessary). The hotel also had a small gym, which I probably should have used prior to the massive breakfasts, though as I said, I did walk a lot each day. There was also a bar, which was busy each night, though I didn’t visit it.

hotel skt petri bar 700x525

Since I usually book accommodation based on value, I’m not one to usually care much about staying at a high-end hotel. In this case, the Hotel Skt. Petri was a steal with my Choice Hotels points. Between the comfortable room, great location, and stellar breakfast, it was one of the best hotel experiences I have ever had. Next time I am back in Copenhagen, I will hopefully be able to stay at the Hotel Skt. Petri once again.

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