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Estonia is a tiny country, but it has a huge craft beer scene. I went there with fairly low expectations, but I was pleasantly surprised to find just how many great breweries the country had during my visits to local bars in Tallinn. Here is my guide to the best craft beer in Tallinn, including breweries, beer bars, taprooms, and bottle shops.

The best craft beer bars in Tallinn


Koht is a tiny beer bar tucked underneath an archway off a quiet narrow street in Old Town Tallinn. There is a small bottle shop called Pothouse in the building in front of the bar, which has a nice selection of local & imported bottles.

koht bottle shop 700x525

There’s a small patio outside with a few tables, plus a small bar area & a few more cozy tables inside. That’s it. It’s a small bar with a neighborhood feel. There are no taps here, just hundreds and hundreds of bottles. The woman behind the bar was friendly & helpful, with more than a hint of snarkiness that all good bartenders who have clearly been at it for a while have. Koht feels more like you’re drinking in someone’s living room than in a bar, albeit a living room where someone has been hoarding beer bottles.

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Address: Lai 8, 10133 Tallinn, Estonia (map)

Hell Hunt

Hell Hunt is a larger bar not too far from Koht in the Old Town. It’s not purely a beer bar, but it’s a nice atmosphere, and they have a solid selection of beer, including their own brews.

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Of the 11 taps on offer, about half are from Estonia, while the bottle selection includes Estonian beers from Puls & Saku, alongside beers from other quality European breweries such as Thornbridge and Nøgne.

Address: Pikk 39, 10133 Tallinn, Estonia (map)

Drink Bottle Shop & Drink Bar & Grill

I stumbled upon Drink Bottle Shop on my final day in Tallinn, and I was glad I did. There is of course a bottle shop that has hundreds of different beers available. I bought a few bottles to take home with me since I had enjoyed many of the Estonian beers I’d had in Tallinn.

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drink bottle shop 700x933

Right around the corner is Drink Bar & Grill, which also offers a large selection of craft beer from around the world, as well as tasty bar snacks.

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Drink is a great night out in Tallinn, with plenty of beer, and 80s-90s British music such as The Smiths & Ash playing in the bar.

Address: Estonia, Väike-Karja 8, 10140 Tallinn, Estonia (map)

The best breweries in Tallinn

Põhjala Brewery & Tap Room

Põhjala Brewery is the premier craft brewery in Estonia. During my time in Tallinn, I had several of their excellent beers. Their beers can also be found in many other top beer bars around Europe. Their brewery & taproom is located in northern Tallinn.

Address: Peetri 5, 10415 Tallinn, Estonia (map)

While Tallinn might not be a huge city, its love of nightlife & ties to the rest of Europe make it a great off-the-radar craft beer destination. Sooner or later, you’ll start to find more Estonian beer making its way outside the country, but you can go drink some now if you’re heading to Tallinn.

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