Looptworks Southwest Airlines Seat Leather Bags

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Have you ever thought, “Hey, I really like this purse, but I wish that more people had farted on it?”

Now your wish has come true! Southwest Airlines has partnered with Portland, Oregon bagmakers Looptworks to create some unique new bags.

The bags are made with leather that was previously used on seats on Southwest flights. Looptworks focuses on making items from repurposed products, keeping the materials from landfills while still creating stylish goods. You know, aside from all the asses that have been on them.

looptworks southwest seat bag 500x257
via Looptworks

I can’t look at the above photo without thinking that the bag looks like a surly, rectangular face.

Here’s a video about the Looptworks Southwest LUV project:

According to Looptworks, by using recycled materials rather than new leather, “more than 4,000 gallons of water [are] conserved per bag [with] a 72% reduction in CO2 emissions”. Additionally, the company works with a local nonprofit, providing jobs to disabled adults who deconstruct & clean the repurposed Southwest plane seat material, which comes from 80,000 retired seats across their fleet.

This does beg the question, will using one of these bags count toward your carry-on luggage allowance or could you claim that it’s just part of the seat?

Jokes aside, the bags look pretty cool, are great for the environment compared to brand new bags, and would make the perfect gift for any Southwest aficionados in your life. Head here if you want to check them out.

via Washington Post

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