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With my short time in London wrapping up, I walked from my hotel to London Heathrow’s T5. After checking in, I headed straight for the British Airways South Galleries Club Lounge.

The lounge is located on the higher floors of Heathrow’s spacious Terminal 5, one of the nicest airport terminals I have visited. There is one at each end of the terminal, one north and one south.

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I went up the escalators, past the odd horse lamp, and into the lounge, which I was able to access because I was flying Club Europe (business class) to Madrid.

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The British Airways Galleries Club lounges are open from 5:00 – 22:30 and are available to passengers who fit any of the following categories:

  • Customers travelling in First, Club World, Club Europe or Business UK
  • Executive Club Gold and Silver Members (plus one guest)
  • oneworld Emerald and Sapphire members (plus one guest)

Much like the terminal itself, the BA Galleries Club lounge at Heathrow has plenty of space. I will note that I had a 6:00am flight, so I can’t speak to how crowded it gets later in the day, but at that time of the morning it was possible to sit in a variety of areas with nobody nearby at all. The lounge has a wide array of places to sit ranging from work areas to comfortable chairs & sofas, plus several TV areas that give visitors a few different viewing options as they unwind before a flight. There are plenty of outlets available for charging electronic devices.

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Having not had breakfast, my primary interest was the food.

Bacon rolls are one of the least fancy foods on Earth, but in this case they were perfect. I imagine that some people would complain that egg & cheese & bacon sandwiches were the only hot food around at that time of day, but I ate 3 or 4 of them.

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The Club lounge is also an excellent place to stay hydrated. Between juice stations, soft drink & water stations, the wine area, and the full bars, you will not go thirsty in this lounge.

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Since it was so early in the morning, I had arrived at the airport as close as possible to my departure time. As such, I didn’t have a lot of time in the British Airways lounge at Heathrow, so after I ate, I headed for my flight to Madrid. It was only the beginning of a very long day.

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