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With over a week to spend in Stockholm, I was excited to check out the city’s craft beer scene. It’s a large city with a good core of cool, trendy people, so naturally, there are a ton of good places to drink craft beer there. I was able to hit nearly all the places on my list during my visit, plus I found a few unexpectedly nice bars. Here are my favorite places to drink craft beer in Stockholm, Sweden, including breweries, beer bars, taprooms, and restaurants.

The best craft beer in Stockholm

Omnipollos Hatt

These first three bars are right near each other in the hipster neighborhood of Södermalm, not far from the Slussen metro stop. Omnipollos Hatt is a beer bar & pizza place run by Stockholm’s Omnipollo brewery. I’d had a few of their beers when I was in Gothenburg, so I was eager to check this place out as my first stop in Stockholm. It’s a relatively small place that was reasonably busy on a Monday night, but I managed to get a seat at the bar immediately. Weekends are much more crowded.

omnipollos hatt 700x933

If Omnipollos Hatt isn’t a perfect brewpub, it’s pretty damn close. The bar features ten frequently rotating taps of Omnipollo beer, including brews you can only get there, as well as some special offerings like foam to top a sour beer or a dessert beer. A webcam shows the draft list, which is nice if you want to see what’s new before you visit.

In addition to the great beer, Omnipollos Hatt also has excellent wood-fired pizza for a reasonable price. It’s almost not fair. An establishment should be able to have fantastic beer or fantastic pizza, but not both. Of course, I have no complaints that they have both. I had the provolone and goat chorizo pizza to go with my beer.

omnipollos hatt stockholm 700x700

I also returned for another visit since I enjoyed it so much.

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Oliver Twist

Just around the corner from Omnipollo in Södermalm is Oliver Twist, another great beer bar. Oliver Twist has more of an intimate pub-like feel, with a low ceiling and plenty of beer-related decor, though there is also outside patio seating.

oliver twist stockholm 700x525
oliver twist bar stockholm 700x525

The bar features 25 taps of craft beer from all over Europe as well as the United States, and hundreds of bottles are available. They have a massive American selection of bottles, but there are also other European beers available, as well as some Swedish selections.

oliver twist beer 700x525

I asked the bar staff to help me try some Swedish beers I hadn’t had yet, and they were able to select something new for me from their vast coolers on the first attempt. These guys really know beer and are happy to talk about it. They are a major importer of beer into Sweden, thanks to being quick on the draw following a legal change ten years ago that made it so Swedish bars could import their own beer rather than going through the national stores.


Akkurat is also located in Södermalm. The bar/restaurant is affiliated with Oliver Twist, so they have a great selection as you might expect.

akkurat 700x525

There are about 20 taps on offer, most of them from Sweden & Belgium. I had a gingerbread cookie dough stout, which was yet another tasty beer that I had not known I needed in my life.

akkurat stockholm 700x525

The bottle list is phenomenal as well. Not only was it an extensive list in general, but there were plenty of vintage options available, including a 2003 World Wide Stout and a bunch of Belgian lambic selections. They had Swedish beers available dating all the way back to 1996. These beers, of course, come at a price, but if you’re looking for something rare, Akkurat is the place to go. I wondered if I could fund my next trip by bringing them some rare bottles from the States.

akkurat beer stockholm 700x525

On a Monday night, Akkurat was chill. There’s a huge amount of space inside, plus an outside patio that is mostly enclosed. If you’re looking for something other than beer, there is a massive whiskey list and a full restaurant menu. These three bars were the first three I visited in Stockholm and were my favorites.

The Bishops Arms

The Bishops Arms has a few locations in Stockholm, including Vasagatan, Folkunga, and Gamla Stan. I visited their Vasagatan location.

The Bishops Arms is a dark & intimate British-style pub. The bar had about 30 taps of beer. There wasn’t anything too special on tap, but there were some local and American beers.

bishops arms stockholm 700x525

However, there was a huge bottle selection with interesting selections across all varieties, so if you’re looking for something unique, that’s your way to go.

Flying Dog

Flying Dog is also located near Norra Bantorget. Yes, Flying Dog is an American brewery, but I haven’t been able to figure out if there is an official affiliation beyond some of their beers being available.

flying dog stockholm 700x525

There are about 20 taps at Flying Dog, plus plenty of bottles. This isn’t the place to come if you are looking for local Swedish beers. They had one local craft beer on tap, and that was it. Instead, they mostly focused on American beers, though they also had some Belgian & Dutch offerings available.

Flying Dog is a good late-night option in Stockholm, as it’s open later than all of the other bars I visited. They also have many TVs, so if you’re looking to watch an American sporting event, odds are you’ll be happy here.

flying dog bar stockholm 700x933

Duvel Cafe and International Pressklubben

Duvel & Pressklubben are also near Norra Bantorget, just down the street from Flying Dog toward the city center. Although they are two separate bars, they are next door to each other.

duvel cafe stockholm 700x525

Pressklubben was closed for a summer break, but a sign was directing people to Duvel. Duvel is almost entirely Belgian, plus a couple of UK beers. Pressklubben has a much larger bottle selection, which I could see through the window, but unfortunately, I couldn’t see exactly what was available.

Brewdog Kungsholmen

In my continuing quest to visit every Brewdog bar, one afternoon I took the long walk over to Brewdog Kungsholmen, which is located near Fridhemsplan. Brewdog Kungsholmen had 12 taps, half of which were from Brewdog. The rest were American & European.

brewdog kungsholmen 700x933
brewdog stockholm 700x525

It was among the smaller Brewdog bars I’ve visited, both in size and selection, but it was a nice neighborhood bar. As with other Brewdogs, they had games, plus they were dog-friendly. I also had my first baconnaise experience as part of the bacon bacon fries. I have no regrets.

bacon bacon fries brewdog 700x933

Mackinlays Inn

Mackinlays Inn is just a block from Brewdog, perhaps making this the Scottish quarter of Stockholm? At any rate, this is a solid Scottish-style pub & restaurant that also happens to have great craft beer. They offer 25 taps, plus some bottles. There were standard ales available, plus lots of American & Swedish brews.

mackinlays inn stockholm 700x933

Outside there is a nice, sunny patio, while the inside is a dank Scottish pub. It’s another neighborhood sort of spot, as this area doesn’t have nearly as many outside visitors. I often say that bars are friendly, but this was especially the case here. The bartender saw me unsuccessfully trying to Shazam a song, so he went into the back to get the name of the band that was playing.

In case you’re curious, this was the song in question.

Ardbeg Embassy

Ardbeg Embassy is located in Gamla Stan. As you might guess from the name, their specialty is whisky, but they also have a solid beer selection to go along with it, featuring about 24 taps. I combined both by having a special smoked beer that had been brewed just for them. The dark and intimate place also has a full restaurant.

ardbeg embassy stockholm 700x525
ardbeg embassy 700x933

Barrels Burgers & Beer

Barrels Burgers & Beer is just down the street from Ardbeg Embassy. I visited it on my photo walk around Gamla Stan. The bar features 12 taps and about 50 or so bottles of beer, many of which are American. Burgers & beer always go well together, and they certainly do here.

IMG 3980 1 700x525

As one would expect from such a trendy city, Stockholm’s craft beer scene is solid, and you’ll never go thirsty there. Many of these bars are within walking distance of each other, so you can check several out in one evening. Lots of them feature outdoor seating as well, making them a nice place to spend some time on a long summer day. Do you have any other recommendations for good craft beer bars in Stockholm?

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  1. Just a tip about Monks. They got into all sorts of trouble with their liqour license, taxes and God knows, so this place is now gone and so is Monks Porterhouse. Only their American bar and perhaps one other venue is still around.