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Roskilde, Denmark is a small city not far from Copenhagen that’s known for its Viking Ship Museum, Roskilde Cathedral, & the annual Roskilde Music Festival. Here is where to find the best craft beer in Roskilde, including breweries, beer bars, bottle shops, and taprooms.

The Best Craft Beer Bars in Roskilde


I’ve made no secret of my love for dark basement beer bars. Klosterkælderen fits that bill.

It’s a fantastic bar. Walk past the covered patio in the back alleyway & head downstairs into a space that’s every bit of what a rustic beer basement should be. With stone walls, candles, and wood furniture, Klosterkælderen feels like a pub from the Middle Ages or Middle Earth.

klosterkaelderen craft beer roskilde 700x525

And the beer selection? Also great, with 20 taps along with a fridge with bottles and cans, making it the largest selection of craft beer in Roskilde.

Address: Store Gråbrødrestræde 23, 4000 Roskilde, Denmark (map)

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Skänk Beer & Wine Bar

Skänk Beer & Wine Bar is a cozy bar located near the Roskilde Jars, not far from the train station.

Out front, there’s a large patio facing the square, perfect for warm summer days.

skank beer wine bar roskilde 700x525

Inside, it’s a warm & intimate bar that’s a lovely place to bring a date.

skank craft beer wine roskilde 700x933

With 8 taps plus a few dozen bottles & cans of beer (plus wine, of course), along with cheese & charcuterie, it has everything you need for a nice evening. 

The bar has other locations in Hillerød & Frederiksberg.

Address: Hestetorvet 10A, 4000 Roskilde, Denmark (map)

Gustav Wieds – Byens Ølbar

Gustav Wieds – Byens Ølbar is a corner neighborhood bar with a hygge atmosphere. It has a good crowd of regulars sometimes singing along to 70s & 80s hits while playing pool.

gustav wieds byens olbar craft beer bar roskilde 700x933

In addition to a full bar, there are 8 taps plus some bottles & cans. The bar is affiliated with Copenhagen‘s ÅBEN, though there is also plenty of craft beer from other breweries.

gustav wieds byens olbar aben craft beer roskilde 700x525

Address: Hersegade 11, 4000 Roskilde, Denmark (map)


Liquid KITCHEN is predominantly a cocktail bar, but it also has a small selection of craft beer, mostly from Anarkist.

Where Liquid KITCHEN really shines is through its inventive, high-quality cocktails, making it the best cocktail bar in Roskilde.

In a city where cheap drinks, happy hours, and party bars tend to rule the market, they have created something unique that combines those requisite elements with fantastic cocktails.

Owner Lalit Thakur has drawn upon his Indian heritage to create exciting twists on drinks. For example, the Indian Godfather (a South Asian take on the traditional Godfather), made with Whisky, Disaronno, Mango, Lime & Clarified Milk, takes 40 hours to make each batch.

liquid kitchen cocktail bar roskilde 700x933

He’s trying to bring excellent cocktails to a place not known for them. If you’re looking for cocktails in Roskilde, Liquid KITCHEN is the place to go.

Address: Jernbanegade 8, 4000 Roskilde, Denmark (map)

The Best Breweries in Roskilde

Musicon Mikrobryggeri

In south Roskilde, there’s an up-and-coming creative neighborhood known as Musicon. The former concrete factory area is filled with new buildings, including arts & entertainment zones. There are museums, plus shops, restaurants, and bars.

In the center of Musicon sits a section of shipping containers that have been turned into businesses. One of these is home to the Musicon Mikrobryggeri.

musicon mikrobryggeri brewery roskilde 700x525

The microbrewery has 14 rotating taps, with a decent-sized indoor space filled with the sounds of rock music, plus plenty of outside tables. Musicon Mikrobryggeri also hosts events such as concerts, stand-up comedy, and quizzes.

musicon mikrobryggeri craft beer roskilde 700x525

Address: Penselstrøget 52, 4000 Roskilde, Denmark (map)

Røde Port Bistro Bryghus Bottleshop

The Røde Port Bistro Bryghus Bottleshop serves as the taproom & restaurant for Røde Port, which operates a brewery south of Roskilde.

The large, multi-level bar has plenty of seating as well as live music, but there’s also a nice outside patio.

rode port bistro bryghus bottleshop roskilde 700x525

There are 10 beer taps, along with some bottles and cans.

rode port bistro bryghus bottleshop roskilde craft beer 700x525

In addition to the beer, there is also a full food menu of Danish dishes. For lunch, there is smørrebrød, while dinners include a rotating dish of the week & dessert of the week.

Address: Algade 53, 4000 Roskilde, Denmark (map)

Snipniff Brewing

Snipniff Brewing is located just outside of Roskilde in Trekroner. The brewery has 10 taps of small-batch beer, with 4 core beers & 6 rotating, all brewed by Englishman Jonny.

Address: Trekroner Centervej 52, 4000 Roskilde, Denmark (map)

If you have any other favorite places for craft beer in Roskilde, let me know in the comments!

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