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For the next leg of the trip, I was flying from Copenhagen, Denmark to Riga, Latvia. It was an insanely early flight, so I had arrived at the Copenhagen airport at 5:00am. One of these days I will learn my lesson about early flights.

I had about an hour to kill before I needed to head to board my flight, so I visited the Copenhagen Aviator Airport Lounge in my terminal, Terminal 2. I was able to access for free by virtue of having the Priority Pass. The lounge is on the second floor of the departures area, so it looks out over the terminal.

aviator lounge copenhagen 700x525

When I arrived, the lounge was almost completely empty. It got a bit more crowded as time went on, but I can’t say how busy it ultimately gets during the day, as I was only there until a little after 6.

aviator lounge cph 700x525

The lounge had a good amount of seating. Plenty of different options depending on your preference, plus none of the space is wasted. The seats are packed fairly closely together, but I’d prefer that to wasted space. It seemed like there were an adequate amount of power ports, at least when it was quiet.

aviator lounge copenhagen seats 700x525

One tip: There is a main seating area, but there is also more seating down the stairs toward the back. You can see the staircase at the back of this photo.

aviator airport lounge copenhagen 700x525

The seating in the other areas is quieter and more comfortable, plus it has a better view of the airport tarmac. At least it does when it’s light outside, all I saw was darkness.

copenhagen aviator lounge 700x933

copenhagen airport aviator lounge 700x933

I noticed that the Aviator lounge had a ridiculous selection of newspapers, more so than other airport lounges I’ve seen. This makes sense given that the Danes are highly-educated with a strong interest in current events. What made less sense was that the sole English-language newspaper was the UK’s Daily Mail, a right wing newspaper. That’s an odd selection for a country that’s so progressive, but I suppose it may come in handy if the lounge ever runs out of toilet paper.

Now let’s talk about one of the most important parts of any lounge, the food and drink.

aviator lounge food drink 700x525

There wasn’t any hot food to be found, but the cold food selection was fine, with fruit, meats, and cheeses, plus plenty of bread. If I learned one thing in Copenhagen, it was that the Danes love bread.

aviator lounge fruit 700x525

aviator lounge copenhagen snacks 700x933

aviator lounge cph bread 700x525

There was also an adequate drink selection, though it was far too early for that. Interestingly, they had plenty of Fernet Branca out.

aviator lounge drinks 700x933

Much like other Priority Pass lounges, the Copenhagen Airport Aviator lounge is fine, but nothing spectacular. If you can get free access, by all means go in, but I wouldn’t pay for a day pass unless I had a craving for multiple loaves of bread.

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  1. Hi I stumbled upon your blog as I was researching how to get from Riga to Tallinn – am actually on the Lux Express as we speak :-). Just wanted to let you know that the above is a typical Danish breakfast spread, including the bitters, so I am sure the lounge would change their selection for both lunch and dinner time. Otherwise great blog, fun to read about Copenhagen from a non-native 🙂