Watch a cute bear play on a resort golf course – Video

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The golf course at Fairmont Hot Springs Resort in British Columbia, Canada is a picturesque place for a golf getaway. You’ve got the Rocky Mountains all around you, plus pine trees and natural water hazards. The resort describes their course as:

Situated amid the breathtaking scenery of BC’s Rocky Mountains, Fairmont Hot Springs has always been an irresistible draw for golfers seeking great golfing memories. From the daunting tree-lined fairways of our championship Mountainside Golf Course, to the interplay of the Riverside Golf Course with the legendary Columbia River, to the family-friendly challenges of our Par 3 Creekside Golf Course, Fairmont Hot Springs offers distinctive golf experiences for players of any ability.

What they don’t mention, however, is the wildlife, such as bears.

One foursome at the resort found out while golfing that the course is inhabited by some furry local residents who don’t give a damn about how quickly you make it through your round. They shot a video of a cute bear cub playing around with the flag at one of the greens, then stealing a golf ball.

Some people might slowly leave the scene if bears were around, particularly if there were young cubs a mother might want to protect, but not these guys. I don’t recommend doing this, but hey, at least they got a cool video. That’s totally worth risking getting eaten by a bear, right?

If you’re into golf getaways & adventure travel, next time why not combine both and visit the Fairmont Hot Springs?

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