Video: KLM plane lands in strong winds in Amsterdam

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This video below is pretty crazy. A KLM Boeing 777 successfully landed at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport despite very high winds, but it wasn’t easy. Watch as the plane rolls back and forth, with the right wing getting scarily close to the ground just before the pilots leveled the jet in order to stick the great landing.

That was a fantastic job by those KLM pilots to land that plane and its passengers safely in Amsterdam. What may still seem routine is the result of a long career of learning & knowing just what to do in that situation. The storms were producing winds of up to 75 mph around the Netherlands.

I like window seats, but sometimes you see a bit more than you’d like to as you watch the plane landing. One of the worst flying experiences of my life was on a Delta flight from London to Cincinnati. The landing was similar to this one, with the plane rolling dangerously to the right as we got close to the ground. We were one of the last flights to land before the airport was completely closed due to the strong thunderstorms, but like this KLM flight in Amsterdam, the end result was a success.

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