Two quick ways to get free points from Accor & Priority Club

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There are two schools of thought regarding quick free points earning opportunities. Some people think they are a waste of time, while others believe you should get all the points you can, whenever you can.

I’m in the latter category, which is why I have taken advantage of these free points below. From my experience, I can say that these opportunities can be useful. On my recent trip to Europe, which yes, I still have many diary posts left to write about, I spent my final night in an Ibis hotel in Manchester for almost nothing. A few months ago, I had taken advantage of an Accor Facebook promotion where you could get up to 2,000 free points for playing a game. That 2,000 points could be redeemed for a $60 hotel certificate, which was just under the total bill for my room. So yes, these points do add up. Plus, someday you might find yourself just a few points off an award, wishing you could do something to put yourself over that edge.

Here are the 2 chances:

1) Get 1000 Priority Club points for watching a short video about their Priority Club Visa

Just go to and enter in promo code FLLNUVUAA37

The video lasts about 90 seconds, and reports are that the points are deposited quickly, though I have not yet received mine.

2) Get 200 Le Club Accor Hotels Points for a quick game

win a free trip 1 - Two quick ways to get free points from Accor & Priority Club

Accor is offering 200 points for playing a quick game, which you can find here. There’s one catch, which is that the contest is only open to residents of Scandinavia. That said, entering in a country is optional, and the points could still post, even if you can’t win the main prizes. The contest is open from January 28 to March 31, 2013. The Loyalty Lobby link below has the answers to the questions for the game.

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1000 Free Priority Club points are back [Milesquest]
Free 200 Le Club Accorhotels Points [Loyalty Lobby]
Why I Never Say No To Easy Points [New Girl In The Air]

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